How Can Software Use Streamline Real Estate Recruitment?

Software Use Streamline Real Estate Recruitment

Last updated on September 5th, 2023 at 4:15 pm

Building a career in real estate has its rewards, but not everyone can keep up with the lack of income stability, high level of competition, and demanding work. As such, agent attrition is a persistent issue in many real estate companies. In fact, it’s estimated that about 88% of agents leave before they reach their fifth year in the real estate industry.

To address this concern, human resource managers in real estate agencies must make recruitment a priority activity year-round. However, it can be a challenge to get the attention of established and up-and-coming real estate agents when other real estate agencies are essentially doing the same thing.

The use of recruitment software that’s specifically designed for real estate agencies can help HR professionals come up with effective recruitment campaigns and stand out from the competition. In particular, such a solution can be used to streamline and optimize certain activities such as: 

Designing a Recruitment Process That Meets the Agency’s Needs

A recruitment process is not set in stone. Even agencies that have an established method must periodically upgrade their recruitment strategy to meet the changing needs and requirements of emerging real estate agents. It’s therefore a smart idea to recruit with Relitix or another program designed to assist real estate agencies in putting together and customizing a recruitment campaign.

Such a program can be used to generate leads, follow the prospective agent as they go through the recruitment process, and determine their suitability for the role that the agency aims to fill.

The process that these solutions follow can also be customized to adapt to the changing best practices in recruitment. This way, the agency using this type of software will have an easier time ensuring that their recruitment strategy can still yield the best possible results. 

Posting Job Openings and Advertising Open Positions

To attract applications, a real estate agency must first announce that it has openings for new and seasoned agents. These notices must be posted in places where prospective agents can easily find them, such as on job boards, employment websites, and social media platforms. At the same time, these notices should be promoted to ensure that they can reach their target audience.

Disseminating information and boosting job notices is time-consuming and energy-intensive, which recruiters can delegate to programs. There are tools that can automate the distribution of these job openings and ensure an agency can gain wider exposure with less effort. 

Screening Resumes and Finding Candidates That Match Certain Requirements

Not everyone has what it takes to become a successful real estate agent. In addition, some real estate agencies have very specific needs for their future team members. For example, there are agencies that require more seasoned agents who can mentor younger ones. Other brokerages, meanwhile, seek young individuals who can learn from a large number of experienced agents on their staff.

Digital solutions can be used to screen the qualifications of candidates who show interest in a job notice. Utilizing a software to review the resumes and identify the applicants that best fit an agency’s current needs is an option as well.  

Conducting Online Assessments and Pre-Employment Tests

After the initial screening, it’s essential for real estate agencies to assess the capabilities of the applicants. This is another area where digital tools can be quite useful. There are now types of software that can provide a more in-depth analysis of credentials, qualifications, and experiences of these candidates.

Afterwards, these programs can create an ordered list of the candidates that meet the agency’s specified parameters. Moreover, digital platforms can help agencies conduct pre-employment tests to determine the capabilities of the candidates on their shortlist. 

Managing the Agency’s Relationship with a Candidate

Recruitment is a continuous activity for many real estate agencies. Moreover, recruiters have to maintain communication with agents outside their organization in case these agents will want to join their team in the future. Certain software can be used to track and optimize an HR team’s communication with prospective recruits. This way, even if the HR team changes members, it’s still possible to maintain a relationship with leads and pick up where the previous recruiters left off. 

It’s been said time and again that real estate is a people-oriented industry. This is true for both agents who work in the field, as well as the HR professionals who recruit these agents. The use of digital solutions in recruitment can help preserve the human touch in the interactions between an agency’s HR department and potential recruits.

By delegating mundane and tedious recruitment tasks to programs, HR professionals can dedicate their time and energy to the aspects of the process that require human judgment and critical thinking. This allows them to reach out to as many seasoned and newcomer agents as they need without compromising the quality of their hires.

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