Five main features of devsecops service for IT systems

Recently, the vulnerability rate of IT systems and software to cyber threats has increased exponentially. This recent turn of events has necessitated the invention of more robust security techniques to address these attacks. Besides, ensuring maximum security at all software development life cycle stages is just as paramount as functionality.

One of the most strategic novel security solutions in this regard is the “devsecops” service, which stands for “development,” “security,” and “operations.” It helps you automate the integration of security features at different levels of software development lifecycle. Keep reading to learn more about this service and its importance for IT systems.

Early identification of vulnerabilities

Before now, the identification of vulnerabilities in IT systems was usually deferred until the launch of the testing stage. This trend is primarily due to the lack of a service that can check these vulnerabilities at every stage of development or the lack of appropriate expertise. Thankfully, with devsecops, you can detect any threat early in development. This benefit will, in turn, increase productivity and shorten development time.

Continuous monitoring and reporting

As a rule, the devsecops approach doesn’t identify or detect errors at a single development phase. The service provides a continuous assessment and detailed report of security and developmental issues as production progresses. In the long run, this approach aids your understanding of various threats and helps you prioritize issues that need urgent attention. Moreover, the continual reports help you keep track of progress within your facility.

Compatibility with old programming languages

The capabilities of the devsecops service are not limited to novel applications and programming languages. Rather, the service extends and checks applications written in legacy languages like PL1, RPG, and COBOL. This means you do not need to abolish old development methods or programming languages for fear of security vulnerabilities.

Combination of automated tools and manual methods

Devsecops allows for the combination of manual security testing and automated tools at all stages of software development. Once you have a code to review, you can have humans manually reviewing the code alongside any DevSecOps security tools. The possibility of this combination lowers the occurrence of false alarms in your security reports.

Integration of multiple and advanced techniques

Devsecops integrates several techniques, such as static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and software composition analysis (SCA). SAST checks overall coding integrity and design errors, while DAST checks your software for launching, configuration, and data errors.

Conversely, SCA helps you stay in touch with open-source obligations and limitations while you code. It also automatically checks for vulnerabilities in third-party tools present in your system. All these distinct components are incorporated into Devsecops and ensure that all aspects of your product are painstakingly scrutinized.

A final word

Some specific platforms, like fluid attacks, help IT systems and developers incorporate these benefits and techniques into their IT systems. Overall, devsecops reduces the amount of remediation, recurrent attacks, and fund wastage due to a security breach. Besides, this methodology allows for comprehensive assessments by certified ethical hackers who employ additional methods like reverse engineering and penetration testing to expose security risks in your system at all times.

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