Fastest Internet Connections in USA

fastest internet connection in USA

Last updated on July 5th, 2022 at 5:08 pm

Human nature is defined as the constant struggle of man and woman to fulfill their immediate needs, wants, and desires. Once that list is achieved, we want more and in a consumer-dominated world, there is nothing better than that.

You may be a fan of fast internet speeds, however, you would also need other perks like customer service from your internet service provider that may offer you the relief and comfort that you require as an internet consumer. Charter Spectrum through its 24/7 available Charter Customer Service does exactly that. The benefits that come with having a great Charter Customer Service for Spectrum customers are endless, from having a quick response to Spectrum Outages and being up to date with the latest promotional Spectrum packages. A great customer service department goes a long way.

Steps To Take Before Committing To An Internet Service Provider

You need to know what steps are necessary for you when you go out to get internet service. These steps ensure that you get exactly what you need, have a price tag of what you can afford, and gives you a great overall experience.

1. Look for internet service providers in your region

Figuring out what package or bundle works for you is all good but what is the point of researching so much if you don’t even know if that specific internet service provider operates in your region or area? Internet service providers cover different areas and to be exactly sure of the availability you should contact the customer care service center and ask them directly.

2. Find the plan that fits you perfectly

This is probably one of the longest and most crucial aspects of getting an internet connection. The reason for this is that there exists not one plan, package, or bundle out there that will be tailor-made to your needs. Compromise is key in this aspect but finding the closest option or the nearest option to your preferred specifications in the price range that suits your pocket is crucial.

3. Leave it to our experts to guide you like no other

Simply put, our team has spent years in the internet and consumer market. Experienced individuals like that not just have a keen sense of the right deal but also know what every consumer wants and what every consumer should get. Trust us and you won’t be disappointed.

Which Type Of Internet Is The Fastest?

Let’s just get this out of the way, Fiber Optical connections are the fastest. Speeds that go up to approximately 10,000 Mbps (selected areas) and provide an internet connection that is both stable and reliable are exactly what fiber optic connections are all about. A dedicated connection in which speed is never compromised. There, discussion over? Not quite.

The issue with fiber-optic connections is that sadly, it’s just not available everywhere. You can’t be living in a low population area or a rural area and expect to get an optical fiber connection. Things don’t work like that as the material used in the connection is extremely expensive and to bring a direct and dedicated line to one or maybe a handful of houses is just simply not economical or feasible for internet service providers.

So what do individuals who want a fast internet connection do when they don’t have access to a fiber optics connection? They settle for other types of internet connections.

  • Cable

A system that used copper-based coaxial cables to transfer signals directly from the internet service provider to the residence or place of connection. These types of connections are old-fashioned but they come in handy when your desired area of connection is not in a highly populated urban area. With the latest tech in place, Cable connections are not what they once used to be. Many cable internet providers like Spectrum, Frontier, and Xfinity have brought forward speeds that are near gigabit heights and they tend to be the perfect fit for consumers that have limited device usage.

  • DSL

Digital Subscriber Line internet uses the already built-in or dug deep cellphone lines as a means to get internet from the internet service provider, all the way to the residence or place of connection. If you recall the extremely old dial-up (it hurt typing this) internet, DSL uses the latest tech and offers speeds that are incredibly faster than what we old-timers were used to back in the day. We’re so thankful for technological advancement.

Why is the speed I get slower than what my internet service provider advertised?

Internet speeds tend to be slower than advertised purely because of the loss of speed during the travel of signals. Among that, internet speeds that are advertised are done so as the maximum speeds that can be achieved in a perfect environment with a perfect connection. If you are using a Wi-Fi device, then you surely won’t receive the same speed as you would if you had connected your device directly to the modem/router through cable.

What are the internet speeds that I need?

Internet speeds depend upon the usage that is demanded from one source. If you have a basic 50 Mbps package and are the only user who has his devices connected to it then even that should be sufficient. However, if you have multiple users with multiple devices then that certainly won’t be enough at times. In short, if you have the cash to splash out, splash out.

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