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For systematic app development or business management, having a clear idea of the processes is necessary. People struggle to retain all important information and plan suitable strategies for their work management.

In this context, using a mind mapping tool is suitable. The brainstorming and mind-mapping software make it easier for users to map different pieces of data in a visual diagram for easier understanding. It graphically represents the connection between ideas and concepts and allows developers to analyze efficiently, plan, and recreate new plans.

One of the best options for mind mapping/brainstorming is Wondershare EdrawMind software. It offers a wide range of appealing, easy-to-use templates for mindmaps and intuitive UI functionality.

There are more benefits to EdrawMind that makes it a notable tool option for brainstorming. Here, we discuss that in more detail.

What is EdrawMind?

EdrawMind from Wondershare is one of the best available comprehensive and robust brainstorming/mind mapping tools. This is collaborative software with a range of features, simple interface/dashboard quality, and a prebuilt library of usable mind map templates.

Businesses, organizations, schools, and even users at home can use the EdrawMind software to organize their information in one location. Developers and officials can operate the software for brainstorming new ideas with a structured outline of important points in a graphical manner.


With the important points organized suitably, teams can later focus on doing strategic analysis and project planning. You can use Gantt charts, flowcharts, and mind maps with your preferred structure type for easier data input and management. This facilitates inter-departmental cooperation in bigger teams as they can follow the same information.

It is easier to share the data with different members and control who gets to edit or view the mind maps. You can prepare attractive plan presentations within a few minutes and add attractive elements like images for better visibility. Create slideshows for an easier showcase.

Benefits of EdrawMind

The EdrawMind software comes with many benefits regarding its usability and functions. Certain points, in particular, make it a suitable choice for users, like the simplistic dashboard. Users can find the different types of mind map structures to use and use the prebuild template for easier modification, saving, and export.

Other noticeable benefits are worth noting about EdrawMind.

  • Enterprise-level safety– The software comes with high-quality encrypted SSL protection to guarantee security with usage.
  • Multi-platform compatibility– Users can use EdrawMind from Wondershare on different types of devices and OS platforms without issues. It runs on multiple browser types as well.asmz,
  • One-click generation– You can import your Markdown, HTML, and Word document into the software. Then, transform it into a visibly simplified mind map with one click.
  • Real-time Team collaboration– Many users can simultaneously operate and use one EdrawMind account.
  • Easy export– Like the importing process, the exporting process is simple to do with the EdrawMind account as well. You can export the mind maps into PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Sheets, PDF files, Word documents, or images.
  • Smart formatting– It is simple to adjust the arrangement of the map during the creation process, adding, moving, and deleting elements as necessary.
  • Themes– Multiple themes are available to download and use for business officials, regular users, and developers. Pre-made options are available in the library, or you can customize your version.
  • Cloud integration– EdrawMind users can easily import or export their mind maps through the cloud-based Dropbox account.


  • Clear, navigable, and user-friendly UI
  • A comprehensive library of many symbols and ready-made templates
  • 10 examples for Mind Map local structures
  • Over 700 clip-arts and 33 themes to select
  • Brainstorming mode
  • Easily create a mindmap outline
  • Cloud storage support  
  • Flexible pricing plans 
  • Export files in different editable formats
  • Develop Gantt Charts through Mind Maps
  • Import Markdown, HTML, and Word files


  • No export function for free
  • Sometimes difficult to track all projects
  • Customer support can be better

Pricing of EdrawMind

There are multiple pricing plans available for Wondershare EdrawMind that users can opt for. Each comes with a different cost structure and available features. So, users can expect customizable benefits while choosing their plans; one can select the plan provides the most benefits to you.

The pricing plans are available for individual users, education institutions, and teams/businesses. There is a Lifetime Plan for USD 145, suitable for multiple types of OS platforms. It is a one-time payment option and thus, is a favorite for most users.

You can choose the Subscription Plan as well, which auto-renews annually or semi-annually. The plan costs USD 59 per year subscription and USD 39 per six months.

Another pricing model that is available for purchase is the Lifetime Bundle. It includes other software products from Wondershare besides the EdrawMind tool, like EdrawInfo. The cost for this plan is USD 312.

Particular benefits are available under all of the pricing plans of EdrawMind. The following are some of these benefits.

  • Each user with their EdrawMind account can operate the software on three mobile and 2 PC devices.
  • There is the option for real-time collaboration.
  • Unlimited access to different templates, symbols, and features.
  • Export the files in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF formats.
  • Brainstorming and presentation modes.
  • Mindmap creation with one click.

More Details of EdrawMind

System Requirements:

  • Supported Languages– English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese
  • Compatibility– Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, iOS, and Android

Top Features of EdrawMind

The following are the main qualities of EdrawMind that make it a high-quality brainstorming and mind-mapping tool for users.

Very simple dashboard

The dashboard of EdrawMind is sleek, well-structured, and organized. This improves the engagement rate for the users and gives them a good first impression, whether using a desktop or mobile device.

dashboard of EdrawMind

The first thing on the screen is the blank template options. They are blank pre-configured templates that users can customize with their points. Some of the examples of these charts are Horizontal Timeline, Fishbone, Right Map, Org Chart, and Tree Map.

There are other options available as well for Local Templates. These include different types of pre-structured mind maps suited for specific styles of planning or strategizing models. Here, some of the top options include Cost-Benefits Analysis, Resume, Seminar Mind, and Sales Promotion.

Local Templates

Extensive Formatting Features

There are multiple types of features available under each format for customized formatting of the mind map document. You can choose one of the templates on the dashboard first to begin the work.

Formatting Features

The tools for editing are available at the top section of the workspace that would open when you click on a template. Multiple options are available on this ribbon bar, like Format Painter, Formula, Mark, Note, Numbering, and more.

You can complete different sets of work like Advanced Settings, save/edit/choose files, or view the SlideShow through these options on the upper taskbar.

Advanced Settings

On the page, you would get the overall mind map pre-set structure. The topics/subtopics here are customizable. To showcase any connection between the subtopics and topics you add, use the “Relationship” element. Besides that, you can also add images, notes, and boundaries to your workspace.

Topic format

There are many advanced features available on the right-hand side panel for further editing of the topics and content you add. Options include lines, layout, shape, and font options. Besides that, you can access Cliparts and Marks galleries to choose extra elements to add to the diagram.

MindMap Gallery

The MindMap Gallery includes a vast range of options when it comes to pre-made templates. Options that users in the community have made are available for viewing through this section. You can access the MindMap Gallery through the left-side panel on the home page.

MindMap Gallery

Search for the type of mind maps or charts you are looking for. Multiple categories are available for specifications about mind map types for simpler selection. There are options like Reading Notes, Events and Trends, Life, and Diagram Types.

Select one option for a drop-down list of different sub-divisions or versions available for easier access.

Cloud Documents

You can transfer your files saved in your Cloud or Dropbox account to EdrawMind for easier formatting or mind map conversion. This is available under the Cloud Documents section at the left menu panel on your home dashboard. Select the Cloud Documents part and get your personal sync cloud files or shared files.

Cloud Documents

Simple Import/Export Methods

Through the Import section on your left menu panel on the EdrawMind homepage, you can add saved files to your device. Different types are supported, like Markdown files, EdrawMax files, MindManager files, Word files, and HTML files.

Import/Export Methods

Huge gallery of clipart and templates

Under EdrawMind, there is a vast Library of different elements that you can add to your diagram. These include options like the mind map templates firstly, like Right Map or Timeline Map. They are professionally designed; other community library-based options are also available.


Besides that, you can access the workspace of one of the templates you want to use and get multiple themes and clipart to choose from. They improve the visual quality of the diagram. There are more than 700 cliparts to choose from; you can add them to the diagram you are using.

Outline Mode

The Outline mode or “Outliner” on the workspace that users can operate to get a simplified point-by-point breakdown of their content. This makes it easier for one to add, arrange, and organize their topic, separate ideas, and subtopics in one file into a sequential list.

outline mode

You can easily include or delete added subtopics by clicking on the Increase Indent or Decrease Indent options. Furthermore, you can add extra elements like hyperlinks, marks, pictures, comments, and notes. Finally, export the file in your chosen file format.

Brainstorming Mode

During brainstorming processes, typically, all team members give their ideas that conflict with each other or are relevant to each other. Everyone gives their opinion/idea, which can get lost if one does not organize it properly. With the Brainstorming mode on EdrawMind, one can properly structure their ideas in a systematized manner and then find the right solutions.

How to do this?

Step 1: On the upper taskbar on your workspace of the template you are using, click on the Advanced option.

Advanced option

Step 2: After clicking on this option, another taskbar would appear with separation options under it. Choose the Brainstorming option and click on it. This would open up a blank canvas.

Brainstorming Mode

Step 3: There is a blank space at the left side panel; users can add their ideas here. Add as many ideas as you need to, and then move them around in sequence.

Customer Support

The customer support system of EdrawMind works relatively well and is suitable for different users to access for their regular issues. Pre-set video tutorials, user guides, and FAQs are already available on this tool. The tool allows contact through a ticketing system in this software. Users can send online tickets to express their queries and technical issues.

A chatbot feature is available for quick email sending for customer support needs. However, it needs more upgrades for better functionality.

How to Use EdrawMind for Creating Gantt Charts?

The Gantt Chart is useful for showcasing a planning schedule for different projects individually. With this type of feature, users can plan phases for time-sensitive projects. They monitor the amount of minutes/hours/days/months/etc., necessary for each task.

Project managers need to evaluate different elements necessary for projects, like resources and time used. This is possible using the Gantt Chart.

How to do this?

Step 1: Access the Advanced menu through the ribbon bar at the top of the workspace.

Advanced menu

Step 2: Choose the “Gantt Chart” option. Click on top of it.

Gantt Chart

Step 3: Choose all topics and subtopics you added. Access the right panel and then open the Task Information. You can make changes for each task like Priority, Start Date, Duration, End Date, Progress, and Milestone. Add extra modifications as necessary.

export the Gantt Chart

Step 4. Finally, you can export the Gantt Chart you created into a PDF format.

Final Words

The EdrawMind software is a high-quality brainstorming and mind mapping tool available. It is easy to use for different people for personal or professional use. Moreover, there are multiple options available regarding prebuilt templates, diagrams, and additional formatting elements for creating an engaging diagram.

Try out the plan that best suits your needs with the necessary features available at a cost-effective cost.

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