Earn Extra Money with These Money Earning Apps on Your Android Device

Earn Extra Money with These Money Earning Apps on Your Android Device

Last updated on December 14th, 2018 at 7:15 pm

Google “how to earn extra money” and you will find barrage of options to earn some quick bucks by doing some petty jobs, part-time jobs and by trying your luck in poker or lottery. The irony with these solutions is that they offer you an option but that doesn’t necessarily fit into long-term earning requirements. Further, other options may require lot of attention and time that you may not deliver doing your regular chores. Thus, it becomes important to find best solution for you from abundantly available options to give you consistent earning without distracting your daily routine. In this article, we have discussed ways to earn some extra money using money earning apps on your Android device.

10 Best Money Earning Apps for Android In 2018

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is smart app that helps you earn some real money by participating in frequent surveys. Here, Google Survey Team conducts regular surveys and sends questions to your account every week related to different categories. These survey question may include basic questions like telling the place you would like to visit next or selecting best logo from given options etc. Once you reply to these survey questions you get Google Play credits in your account which can be redeemed to avail different services like buying movie tickets, games, apps etc.

google opinion rewards

Source: play.google

google play store

Daily Cash

Daily Cash helps you earn some free cash by completing some simple tasks and offers. Here, it rewards you with points once you complete the task. Further, you can redeem these points to earn real money or it can be redeemed for free recharge, Paytm cash, free discount coupons etc. Tasks may include surveys, watching videos, test services, or even sharing or referring with your friends can help you earn extra money.

daily cash

Source: play.google

google play store

Make Money

Use this informative app to get started with earning some extra money while working at home. This smart app offers 70 legitimate ideas which you can follow to start earning money at home. Technically, this app provides you all necessary information that would be required to perform any task to earn some extra money. Here, it will explain skill set required, time consumed, how much you can earn and other necessary information. It offers information on different topics including affiliate marketing, starting blog, publishing ebooks, selling website, starting a podcast, email marketing and lot more.

make money

Source: play.google

google play store

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Watch & Earn

This money earning app for Android offers an interesting solution that helps you earn extra money by watching videos on your device. Here these videos may include promotional or advertising videos of games, movie trailers, new apps, or for anything. Further, you can even try new apps or participate in exciting offers to earn rewards in the form of coins. You can redeem these coins for various rewards like mobile top-up, online cash, shopping vouchers, movie vouchers and for other things. It even allows you to participate in jackpots to earn coins in bulk. It is useful app that helps you earn your rewards in local currency as it has presence in many countries.

watch & earn

Source: play.google

google play store

mCent Browser

Use mCent Browser app to earn extra money while doing all regular tasks. This state-of-the-art app works on smart module where you get paid by just visiting your favorite sites on this browser app. Here, it offers you free mobile data in reward. To earn rewards you can perform all basic tasks you do every day like watching movies, surf the Internet, shop on Google, etc. Once you earn reward points in your account through this app, you can redeem these points to do mobile top-up. This browser app offers plenty of useful features like incognito browsing, adblock, tabbed browsing, bookmarks, home screen shortcuts, free mobile data, smart downloading and lot more.

mcent browser

Source: play.google

google play store


If you love to visit places and click pictures in lot than this app is meant for you. Here, you can sell all your best clicks to earn some extra money instantly. It helps you sell your best work to brands like Bank of America, Volvo Groups, Nivea, AirAsia etc. Here, whatever commission you earn by selling photos is integrated for easy cash out in integration with PayPal. This money earning app for Android not only helps you sell your best images but you can even create your own portfolio to allow buyers to view your collection. It even allows members to react to your photos and explore a whole lot of other features.


Source: play.google

google play store

Task Bucks

Use Task Bucks to make some extra money instantly. Here, you need to complete few simple tasks to earn TaskBucks. You can even participate in daily contests or invite your friend for referral rewards. You can redeem TaskBucks to do mobile recharge, data recharge, postpaid mobile bill payments or to transfer money in Paytm or Mobikwik account. Use this smart solution to make some extra money instantly.

task bucks

Source: play.google

google play store


swagbucks money earning apps

Image Source: swagbucks

Making money with Swagbucks is very easy. By completing small tasks, you can earn money every day. Basically, the main tasks you’ll be performing here are viewing advertisements and searching the web. Along with these two types of tasks, you can also partake in polls and make some cash. This app offers you SB points, which you can later redeem to receive money. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of their referral program, where you can earn money by referring other people to the app.

google play store


Apptrailers - best app to earn money

Image Source: winudf

Have you ever wanted to make money by watching your favorite movie trailers?! Well, with AppTrailers, you can do that. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Login to the app, watch the recommended movie trailers, and earn some cash by enjoying what you love. Usually, the trailers come in a duration range of 30 seconds to 1 minute. This app offers payouts through different mediums such as Cash, Paypal, and Gift Cards.

google play store

Surveys On The Go:

Surveys on the go - best money earning app

Image Source: googleusercontent

Finally, our last addition for the 10 best money earning apps for Android in 2018 is Surveys on the go. This app will literally pay you for providing your opinions on various daily topics. These topics can range from daily events such as sports, entertainment, and similar others to serious issues such as politics. You can freely express your opinions via surveys and make money doing it.

google play store


Money earning apps for Android offers an instant and reliable solution to help you earn some extra money effortlessly. Using these apps, you need to perform some simple tasks to get the reward money. Further, you can redeem this reward money to buy various useful and interesting things. These apps even offer you bonus points when you refer or share these apps. We suggest you use these apps if you want to make good use of your wasted time.

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