10 Best Warehouse Management Software in 2023

warehouse management software

Last updated on December 27th, 2022 at 5:45 pm

Are you running an online store? Then, dispatching items, tracking deliveries, taking returns, and managing stock must give you a terrible migraine. 

But, not anymore! With the best warehouse management software, you can efficiently manage all warehouse operations with ease. WMS software will reduce manual labor and improve customer services in no time. TC team has already gone ahead and handpicked the best ten inventory management software. So, let’s pick your WMS solution. 

10 Best Warehouse Management Software in 2023 — Seamless Solutions 

For eCommerce businesses, having good WMS software is highly rewarding. They can win over customers with fast deliveries and grow their business. According to our research, the best warehouse management software are:

1. InfoPlus 

Software Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS 

Useful For: eCommerce Retailer, Wholesaler or Warehouse Owners

Support: 24*7 Live Support 

Training: Live Online, Documentation, Videos, Webinars, In Person 

Price: Starts at $695/feature/month. 

InfoPlus is a powerful yet simple warehouse management software in the market. Along with warehouse management, it can also manage shipping and inventory. It is a fully flexible WMS software that can easily shape around your business. For eCommerce and 3PL warehouses, it is multifunctional software to grow their business beyond limits. 


Stocking Features 

  • Provides end-to-end 3PL management solution. 
  • Air shipping and barcodes let you quickly satisfy your customers. 
  • Compact shipping solution for freight, ground, and container shipping. 
  • Warehouse import or export management has been simplified with InfoPlus. 
  • Streamline your inventory with easy optimization and management. 
  • Using mobile phones, warehouse managers can forecast, track orders, run quality control, identity products, and so much more. 


  • Seamless implementation. 
  • Great user experience. 
  • Multiple channel and location support. 


  • Extensive training required. 
  • Limited customization options. 
  • Lacks in-built invoicing and billing system. 

2. Finale Inventory

Software Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows 

Useful For: Small and Medium Scale Businesses 

Support: 24*7 Live Support 

Training: Live Online, Documentation, Videos, Webinars 

Price: Starts at $99/feature/month along with a free version and trial. 

Finale Inventory is the grand-finale of warehouse management software. It is a flexible bundle of multiple warehouse management solutions. It can calculate recorder points based on product sale velocity and lead time. Finale Inventory simply takes the guesswork out of your life and replaces it with accuracy and facts. 

Finale Inventory

Stocking Features 

  • The dynamic inventory control dashboard includes inventory optimization, tracking, and management. 
  • Data synchronization allows you to automate information flow between your different business management solutions. 
  • Channel management streamlines all the sale and purchase operations. 
  • Barcode generation and scanning are great features for eCommerce retailers and wholesalers. 
  • With forecasting, you can predict material costs in advance. 
  • You can scale Finale Inventory as per your business requirements.  


  • Robust inventory management platform. 
  • Easy to learn and use. 
  • Great customer support. 


  • Integration errors. 
  • Basic system errors. 

3. Logiwa 

Software Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Windows, Android, iOS 

Useful For: eCommerce, Wholesaler, and 3PL Fulfillment Centers

Support: 24*7 Live Support 

Training: Live Online, Documentation, Videos, In Person

Price: Request from the vendor. 

Logiwa is a cloud-based warehouse management software and order fulfillment program. For high-volume B2C or DTC business, it is a perfect WMS software. Logiwa is one of the rarest platforms with advanced sales channels broadcasting ability. It can meet all the needs of businesses like 3PLs, eCommerce, wholesalers, and others. To smoothly manage your inventory, you won’t get a better high-volume tool. 


Stocking Features 

  • Air shipping enables eCommerce businesses to streamline their shipments worldwide. 
  • Backorder management helps to deliver on time and satisfy your customers. 
  • Logiwa offers freight as well as ground shipping solutions to modern businesses. 
  • The software lets you manage inventory, import/export, items, orders, and so much more. 
  • Through multi-channel mobile access, you can manage your inventories on the go. 


  • Great customer support. 
  • Good user experience. 
  • Mobile access. 


  • Hard to configure. 
  • A bit of learning is involved. 
  • Minor bugs need to be improved. 

4. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Linux 

Useful For: Retailers and Wholesalers 

Support: Email, Phone, or Chat

Training: Documentation, Videos, Webinars

Price: Request from the vendor. 

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise isn’t a simple inventory management software; it is a wholesome accounting package. It provides all the tools that you can ever require to grow your business, such as sales tracking, payroll management, etc. Moreover, the software can scale up according to your business scale. So, to leave your WMS and accounting worries behind, get QBD. 

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Stocking Features 

  • Complete barcode scanning, generation, and management features. 
  • Full accounting integration, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, and more. 
  • With job costing, you can predetermine the cost of shipping in advance. 
  • You can prepare a warehouse budget and easily forecast future uncertainties. 
  • You can synchronize your inventory, warehouse, shipment, and order management operations with one tool. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Smoothly track and organize the inventory. 
  • Initiative interface. 


  • Hard to navigate. 
  • A bit of a learning curve involved. 

 5. Quickbase

Software Rating: 4.4/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS 

Useful For: Small and Medium Scale Businesses 

Support: 24*7 Live Support 

Training: Documentations, Videos, Webinars, In Person 

Price: Starts at $600/feature/month along with a free trial. 

Quickbase is a warehouse management software for businesses that want to improve their productivity. It helps to centralize workflow and equally share data across organizations to create a transparent environment. The platform ensures ongoing agility and quick change adaptation. Without any coding hassle, it can perform complex processes and increase your system agility. 


Stocking Features 

  • 360-degree feedback taking solutions to directly derive feedback from the customers. 
  • You can fully control access and customize the software. 
  • Quickbase can be easily integrated with other accounting operations like billing and invoicing. 
  • Dynamic applicant and activity tracking solutions. 
  • Audit trail and management never let you lose a site of your inventory. 
  • You can implement powerful and agile methodologies with the software. 
  • From instant alerts to 3PL management, the program got you fully covered. 


  • Easy to edit errors. 
  • Highly customizable. 
  • Great customer support. 


  • Limited features. 
  • No reporting for end-users. 
  • Reliability is somehow questionable. 

6. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Software Rating: 4.2/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS 

Useful For: Enterprise-level Users 

Support: 24*7 Live Support 

Training: Live Online, Documentation, Webinars, In Person 

Price: Request from the vendor. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a cloud-oriented WMS software with ERP support. The software is designed to handle complex fulfillment operations and offers clear inventory visibility between distribution centers to the store shelf. With this solution, you can reduce fulfillment costs, improve labor and inventory accuracy. Additionally, you can request a live demo from the vendor anytime. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Stocking Features 

  • Dynamic solution for 3PL businesses to smooth their workflow. 
  • Highly advanced management solutions such as financial management, order management, project management, and more. 
  • Distribution channels are fully aligned with this tool. 
  • Purchase order management ensures that you never over or under-purchase stocks. 
  • Real-time synchronization with supply chain, transport, shipping, return, and other warehouse management operations. 


  • Multi-module system support. 
  • Anytime and anywhere cloud access. 


  • Very sensitive program. 
  • Tough implementation. 

7. NetSuite 

Software Rating: 4.1/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS 

Useful For: All Types of Businesses 

Support: 24*7 Live Support 

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos, Webinars, In Person 

Price: Starts at $499/month.  

Oracle NetSuite is the best-in-class inventory management software to save time and reduce errors. You can gain real-time customer analysis, invoice analysis, and many other reports with NetSuite dashboard. You can also streamline to meet local and global tax compliance processes. Additionally, from AR ledger generation to automate post order transactions, NetSuite is capable of doing so much more. 

Oracle NetSuite

Stocking Features 

  • NetSuite is a comprehensive accounting solution with AR management, BR creation, and multiple other accounting integration. 
  • Easy to draw multiple ad hoc performance reports. 
  • Backorder management facility helps to boost delivery services. 
  • Quick access control, permissions, aging tracking, and much more. 
  • NetSuite provides instant notifications to help you maintain a significant stock. 
  • The entire tool is based on agile methodologies that can effectively streamline your workflow. 


  • Complete accounting solution. 
  • Excellent user experience. 
  • Great platform to track sales. 


  • Limited CRM support. 
  • Hard to locate errors. 
  • It takes a little time to get used to. 

 8. 3PL Warehouse Manager 

Software Rating: 4.1/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud and Web 

Useful For: 3PL Businesses 

Support: 24*6 Live Support 

Training: Live Online, Documentation, In Person, Webinars 

Price: Request from the vendor. 

3PL Warehouse Manager is an elite 3PL WMS software that enables warehouses to grow their businesses. From turbocharges to customer satisfaction, the software can handle all warehouse operations. It is a cloud-based software offering EDI integration, automate billing management, barcode scanning, packing and shipping, and many other features. 

3PL Warehouse Manager

Stocking Features 

  • Complete 3PL management, including inventory management and optimization. 
  • Bar code scanning accelerates the inventory management and recording process. 
  • Offers mobile access to warehouse managers to ease their operations. 
  • Through product identification, you can keep tabs on your stock. 
  • Comprehensive order fulfillment and management solutions. 
  • Additional WMS features are —Shipping management, Supplier management, Transport management, Returns management, etc. 


  • Offers seven days free trial. 
  • Highly flexible and scalable. 
  • Great tool for beginners. 


  • No phone support. 
  • Often struggle with large customers. 
  • Difficult work at different management levels. 

9. Fishbowl 

Software Rating: 4.1/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS 

Useful For: Various Industries 

Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Training: Live Online, Documentations, Videos, In Person 

Price: Starts at $4395/feature for a lifetime along with a free trial. 

Fishbowl is a top-rated inventory management software for small and medium-scale businesses. The best Fishbowl features include material requirements planning, shop floor control, order management, barcoding, and more. You can get both on-premises or cloud-hosted versions of the software as per your requirements. 


Stocking Features 

  • Offers a variety of barcode functions such as barcode generation, scanning, RFID, and management. 
  • It can easily integrate with business accounting software. 
  • Bills of material feature enable you to draw correct cost assessments. 
  • It is a full CRM solution that can manage your employees and inventory altogether. 
  • Cost tracking helps to monitor your cash flow system. 
  • With the cataloging feature, you can effectively categorize multiple products in your warehouse. 


  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Fantastic customer service. 
  • Highly professional solution. 


  • Difficult to customize. 
  • Intimidating disassemble process. 
  • Needs basic bug fixes. 

10. ShipHero 

Software Rating: 4.1/5

Compatible Platform: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS 

Useful For: eCommerce Businesses 

Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Training: Live Online, Documentation, Videos, Webinars, In Person 

Price: Starts at $1850/user/month along with a free version. 

If you want a superhero inventory, shipment, batch picking, and return management solution, you have to try ShipHero. It is a sophisticated warehouse management software with powerful order management and cloud accessibility. Large corporations worldwide trust ShipHero to grow their businesses. 


Stocking Features 

  • Compact solution for 3PL businesses around the globe. 
  • Inventory management and optimization are accurate to the dot. 
  • With mobile access, warehouse managers get incredible accessibility. 
  • ShipHero offers multiple stores, locations, and channel management services.
  • Purchasing and receiving can be handled from a dashboard. 
  • Order and quality management helps you keep your customers content. 


  • Fantastic customer service. 
  • Easy to learn and use. 


  • Calculations often go off. 
  • Many printing issues. 
  • Limited accounting features. 

Streamline your Orders Now!

If late deliveries or out-of-stock problems are keeping you behind your competitors, you gotta try warehouse management software urgently. One tool can streamline your inventory, track orders, manage backorders, monitor deliveries, and so much more. Just a powerful WMS software, and you can grow your business beyond limits. 

So, go pick the best inventory management software from our top ten list and win your customers’ hearts!

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