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7 Best VPN For Mac


Apple devices are highly secured from a security point of view. They are highly protected from the attacks of viruses and malware. So, you must be thinking that it is unnecessary to get the best VPN software for your MacBook. Well, you might be right, but apart from offering your device high-end safety, VPN services have so many other benefits that you can not avoid.

If you want to watch content from geoblocked websites like Netflix, then you can easily watch your favorite shows online with the help of a VPN.

For your studies, you can download the material from websites which are blocked by your local government.

When you are using a public Wifi connection on your MacBook, then your browser history can be easily accessed by anyone, but not if you are using a VPN service.

There are lots of benefits that you can drive from a VPN along with the high-end security for your MacBook. So, if you are now looking for the best VPN for Mac, then you will be pleased to find out that there are plenty of high-quality VPN servers available for Mac users. However, if you want the best Mac VPN in 2019, then you can download any of the following VPN servers today.

Best VPN For Mac

1. ExpressVPN

express vpn

Source – VPN for Mac

When you are looking for the best make VPN software, then you have to start your VPN journey from ExpressVPN. This is one of the most effective, easy to install and comes with multiple advanced features VPN server. It uses 256-bit encryption over OpenVPN UDP by default plus app comes with a killer switch and tunneling options.

This VPN server will offer you a complete experience because it has easy to access the iOS app as well as safari extension that makes the life of an iOS user super simple. Plus, if you have connected your Mac with a wired connection, then you can easily connect to the hotspot with other devices along with VPN protection. ExpressVPN offers super fast service in 94 countries along with unlimited bandwidth.

However, using ExpressVPN can be a bit pricey for you, but you won’t get better service than ExpressVPN anywhere else. Moreover, they offer you 30 days money-back guarantee to offer as well so it is a good deal for Mac users.

2. CyberGhost


Source – malavida

Okay, so your search for the best VPN for Mac can take you to CyberGhost. It is highly suitable for Mac users because CyberGhost has 3600 servers running in 60 countries, no bar for torrents and awesome customer support to help you out anytime.

Moreover, if you are looking for rigorous encryption and no-logging policy, then you will be satisfied with CyberGhost. Additionally, if you want to live stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other websites, then you will surely enjoy the speed of CyberGhost. However, when a server is far, then clogging issues are detected in it, but it’s nothing that can’t be ignored as the company is working hard to improve this VPN problem.

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3. NordVPN

nord vpn

Source – NordVpn

When you are looking for the best VPN software with dual protection, then you can settle for NordVPN. That’s because NordVPN comes with dual VPN technology which means your data is encrypted twice through two different VPN servers. So, with this VPN server, you will get an immense security system that will protect your data very finely.

The services offered by nordvpn to iOS and Mac users are very simple and clean, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t offer high powered services to them. This VPN has designed the IVEv2 version app for App Store along with direct open VPN access from the official website. It is a very nice VPN service for Mac users with plenty of nice features that they can download easily and can even enjoy the 30 days payback guarantee.

4. Surfshark


Source – maladiva

This best VPN software for Mac is like the new kid on the block as it is relatively new as compared to other VPN software that we have discussed by far. Surfshark is available in 50 countries with the support of 800 servers. You can watch online content from Netflix and BBC iPlayer easily using this VPN server.

The prominent features of this VPN are – a kill switch, a strict no-logs policy and a Multi-Hop feature to help with privacy concerns, plus it’s based in the British Virgin Islands so outside of the 14 eyes. Moreover, it is a very affordable VPN server for around $1.99 per month. Also you can check Surfshark coupon codes for the best deals.

5. PureVPN

pure vpn

Source – pcmag

PureVPN is the best VPN for Mac because of it reliable and fast with plenty of other features. Plus, it is the VPN server which is available in most countries around the globe. PureVPN is available in 141 countries with the support of 2000 servers working globally. It is a self-managed company so they don’t involve any third party in their business operations and won’t keep a record of your online activities.

It is available in both the mobile app and web extension form and can be used with 5 devices on one account. This superfast VPN server is capable of connecting with 20 different types of devices including your MacBook.

6. Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield

Source – Hotspot Shield Help Center

If your main motive to use a VPN is to stream high powered games and movies, then the best Mac VPN for you is – Hotspot Shield. The premium version of this VPN will gift you with some pretty awesome privacy features to maintain complete online anonymity. And, Catapult Hyrda protocol, ensure that you won’t face any clogging or slow speed issues while watching high definition content online.

With your one premium account, this VPN server will allow you to connect your 5 different devices with it and enjoy the unlimited content. Moreover, this server is available in 25 different countries with the support of 25,000 servers. You can also get the seven days trial plus 45 days money-back guarantee with Hotspot Shield.

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7. TunnelBear

tunnel bear

Source – malavida

Our last suggestion for the best Mac VPN is TunnelBear because it is quite efficient and fun to use VPN. It is a bit exclusive server which is available in 22 countries only. This VPN is perfect for family use where you want to securely browse or watch live content from Netflix.

The best part about TunnelBear is that it is available free to use with the restriction of 500 MB per month. But, if you enjoyed 5 devices connectivity and other features of TunnelBear, then you can upgrade it by paying $9.99 per month.


Okay, if you want to stream live videos from Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer or from any other geo-blocked websites, then you should immediately get the best VPN for your MacBook.

From the above mentioned seven wonderful the Best VPN for Mac list, you can easily pick out the best VPN server according to your requirements. And, after using the wonderful VPN service don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section.

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