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10 Best Voice & Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone 2021


Last updated on December 25th, 2020 at 06:13 pm

So, you want to record call with client for future reference or you are looking for voice recorder app that helps you practice your next V&A assignment.

Well, we have effective solution for you. While best call recording apps for iPhone and Android covers your first need, the best voice call recorder apps give you additional features to record voice seamlessly.

What we have covered?

  • Best Call Recorder Apps for Android
  • Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone
  • Voice Recorder Apps for Android
  • Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

Do try these powerful apps to keep all calls and voice recordings secured in 2021.

Top 10 Voice & Call Recording Apps for iPhone and Android in 2021

Many voice recording apps are available for both Android and iPhone, but only a few can offer you the expected quality and reliability. Continue reading to find out about 10 effective call recording apps for your smartphone.

Best Call & Voice Recorder for Android

Automatic Call Recorder

One of the widely-used call recorder apps for Android, Automatic Call Recorder offers you quality and reliability. This app also allows you to either record or ignore recording a call according to your preference. Furthermore, this app also supports cloud storage, with which you can record and sync your calls to a cloud storage account like Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar others.

Automatic call recorderCall Recorder

A simple yet effective call recording app for android, Call Recorder offers free call recording services in 2021. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls automatically without any user interaction. Your recorded calls will be saved in the mp3 format. This app also saves the recorded files in your SD card.

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RMC – Android Call Recorder

For someone who likes an app that offers extra privacy options, RMC is the best bet. This advanced call recorder lets you record incoming and outgoing calls while being a hidden app. You can hide the notifications of this app and set a password as well. You can either record calls manually or automatically. This app supports a multitude of file formats such as mp3, WAV, AMR, and many more.


Super Call Recorder

This highly-rated app lets you record outgoing and incoming calls for free. The app lets you play back the recorded files via in-built player, rather than depending on any external audio player. You can also share the recorded files through Whatsapp and other messaging apps. Additionally, this free call recorder app also lets you export the files to SD card. You can use this best call and voice recorder app for instant and effective results.

super call recorder

Smart Call Recorder

This app is one of the best call recording apps for Android. It offers a user-friendly interface, through which you can navigate seamlessly. You can have the ability to record both outgoing and incoming calls with this app. You can use this app for free and record unlimited calls in 2021.

Image result for smart call recorder android

Best Voice & Call Recording Apps for iPhone


This best call recording app for iPhone lets you record your calls with ease. As soon as you press the record button, this app creates a three-way conference call, where the third line is used for the purpose of recording. You can share the recordings via email or social media. Additionally, you can also upload your files to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and similar others.

TapeACall Lite Call Recorder

Call Recorder Unlimited

This best voice & call recording app is very similar to the TapeACall, as it also uses the three-way call for recording purpose. This advanced call recording app for iPhone offers optimum quality, which has made it one of the crowd favorites. You can sync your recorded files to your cloud accounts with this app. This is must used call and voice recorder app for iPhone you should use in 2021.

Call Recorder UnlimitedCall Recording by NoNotes

If you’re looking for a sophisticated call recorder app for your iPhone, waste no time and install this app. Not only does it record your calls flawlessly, it can also transcribe them for you. Of course, you have to pay for such premium services. But do check this app out for special features.

Call Recording by NoNotesiPadio

This free call recording app for iPhone takes a unique approach to call recording services. The user needs to create an online iPadio account to get started with this app. When you intend to record your call, you need to first call an iPadio number and then proceed to calling the other number. Then you can merge the calls and start recording.


CallRec Lite

This call recorder for iPhone app similarly utilizes the conference mechanism to record your calls. You can sync your recordings to any of your cloud accounts with ease. Since this is a free call recorder app, you may encounter some limitations, but you can always pick the pro version for extra features.

CallRec Lite - IntCall

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The above-mentioned call recorder apps for iPhone and Android have been thoroughly monitored and tested before listing them here. All of these apps are being used by millions of people around the world. For consistent, reliable, and quality recording services, download and install any of these apps. You can try these best call and voice recorder apps for both your Android and iPhone devices for effective results in 2021.

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