Top 10 Voice & Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone 2024


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Communication is essential in today’s fast-paced environment. We use our gadgets to keep track of business meetings and essential phone calls. Voice and phone recorder apps let us easily record critical conversations.

This article lists the top 10 voice and calls recorder apps for your recording requirements that make it easy to record calls. Using these tools, you can capture audio content in real time, far along using these recordings for reflection or publication. Explore voice and call recorder applications and select the right one.

Why do you need a Voice & Call Recorder App?

Call recorder apps are vital smartphone additions for their many benefits. Lectures, interviews, and crucial meetings can be recorded without additional equipment. You may also track chats with relatives and friends to take advantage of every moment.

Voice and call recorder apps can help business professionals record essential client and colleague phone calls. These apps save time and boost productivity with transcribing and editing tools.

Therefore, a voice and call recorder app is highly recommended to get the most out of your chats.

10 Voice & Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone 2024

Looking for the best phone call recording apps on offer in 2024? Whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, there are plenty of great options available!

1. iPadio


iPadio records a maximum of 60 minutes of quality audio and adds titles, descriptions, and images. At the same time, geo-locate your recording before uploading it to your iPadio account or posting it to your Twitter or Facebook WordPress, Posterous, Blogger, Live Spaces, or LiveJournal accounts. In addition, to embed codes, each audio clip comes with its own online iPadio account, which means you can also embed your recording on your website.


  • Record up to 60 minutes of high-quality audio
  • Add titles, descriptions, images, and geo-location to recordings
  • Instantly upload to or cross-post to social media accounts
  • Embed codes for easy sharing on websites


  • Easy to upload high-quality audio
  • Offers live streaming and call recording features
  • Various sharing options for social media accounts and websites


Price- Free

Compatibility- iOS

2. CallRec Lite

CallRec Lite

CallRec records iPhone calls, both incoming and outgoing. The CallRec Lite version records your entire call but only allows you to listen for one minute. There are no restrictions on the number of calls you can make, their destinations, or their length.


  • Records both incoming and outgoing iPhone calls
  • No limits on the number, destination, or duration of calls
  • Recorded calls stored on a server with options to play, email, change title, and delete
  • Supports Caller ID and 3-way (conference) calling


  • Offers free trial
  • Recorded calls are stored on the server for easy access
  • Allows for changing titles and deleting recordings


  • Requires subscription for unlimited access to recordings
  • Another call is initiated when making the recording, and local call rates apply


  • Free for some features and Unlimited call recording starts from $1.99

Compatibility- iOS, Android

3. Cube ACR

Cube ACR

Cube ACR records call and voice memos in high quality. Cube ACR records and backs up calls for personal and commercial use. Cube ACR quickly records and edits iPhone conversations. This app also provides easily keep track of discussions and essential information. The program backs up recordings to the cloud, ensuring you never lose vital data.


  • Voice memo recording
  • Transcribing any recordings into text
  • File backup in your cloud storage
  • Pin lock/FaceID/TouchID protection for recordings (Premium feature)


  • Audio management capabilities such as cloud backup and easy access
  • Transcription of recordings into text
  • Premium features such as PIN lock and text notes for recordings


  • Requires phone carrier support for three-way calls
  • Some features, such as PIN lock and text notes for recordings only accessible in the premium version.


  • Free trial available, call recording starts from $49.99

Compatibility- iOS, Android

4. TapeACall


TapeACall securely records any phone call in three simple steps, whether you’re a journalist interviewing someone for a story or taking conference call minutes. TapeACall provides high-quality call recordings that preserve every detail. The app makes mobile call recording simple and safe, making it ideal for recording essential discussions. Business Insider applauded TapeACall’s security and usability.


  • Automatically record outgoing phone calls.
  • Transcribe recordings into text with 99% accuracy
  • Organize, label, and safely store recordings
  • Record Zoom meetings of any length


  • Crystal clear recordings
  • Real human customer service
  • New and valuable features are added regularly


  • Requires carrier to support 3-way calling
  • Subscription-based with auto-renewal


  • 7-day free trial, call recording and transcriptions starts from $59.99

Compatibility- iOS, Android

5. Call Recording by NoNotes

Call Recording by NoNotes

NoNotes Call Recording lets users record and save any calls worldwide. Enter your phone number for a text message passcode. Login and record your call! Record inbound or outbound calls and send them for transcription after signing up.


  • Option to transcribe recorded calls
  • Save recordings in the cloud
  • Share recordings via Facebook, email, and other apps
  • Option to purchase more recording time if needed


  • Free trial available without needing to provide credit card information
  • Option to purchase additional recording time
  • Cloud storage ensures recordings are not lost


  • Limited free recording time per month
  • Not have all the advanced features of other call-recording apps


  • Free, starts from $9.99

Compatibility- iOS, Android

6. RMC: Android Call Recorder

 RMC Android Call Recorder

RMC is best for privacy lovers. This advanced call recorder records incoming and outgoing calls invisibly. Hide app notifications and set a password. Manually or automatically record calls. This app supports MP3, WAV, AMR, and others.


  • Option to transcribe recorded calls
  • Cloud storage for saved calls
  • Share recorded calls via Facebook or email
  • Support two folders to keep the recordings


  • Can record both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Advanced features such as automatic filtering and customizable audio settings
  • Can backup recordings to Dropbox and Google Drive


  • Limited by Android phone’s hardware and software; can only record from microphone
  • Requires loudspeaker to be turned on during conversation to get clear voice from the other side
  • Currently does not work on some phones; check compatibility before installing.

Price- Free

Compatibility- Android

7. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

Android users trust Automatic Call Recorder to record calls. Users can record calls or not. The program also syncs call records to Dropbox or Google Drive. Automatic Call Recorder’s three default settings—record all incoming and outgoing calls, block particular contacts from automatic recording, and only record calls from pre-selected contacts—are notable.

Automatic Call Recorder is unique and versatile in the crowded field of automatic call recorder apps with these capabilities and more.


  • Add notes on recording and share them
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for cloud storage and synchronization
  • Options for the Call Summary Menu that appears right after a call
  • Find Recordings by contact, phone number, or note.


  • Can easily choose which calls to record and save
  • Integration with cloud storage options for backup and synchronization
  • Searchable recordings by contact, phone number, or note


  • Call recording may not work on certain handsets and result in inferior-quality recordings.
  • Contains ads

Price- Free

Compatibility- Android, iOS

8. Super Call Recorder

 Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder records incoming and outgoing calls for free. Instead of using an external audio player, the software plays recorded files. WhatsApp and other chat apps let you share recorded files. This free call recorder program also exports files to an SD card. This finest call and sound recorder app delivers rapid and effective results.


  • Records voice sounds clear
  • Built-in playback for easy listening
  • Easily export recorded calls to an SD card and shared via email, WhatsApp, or other means.
  • Automatic recording to mp3 format


  • Calls can be recorded powerfully.
  • Different Android devices and versions are supported.
  • Playback and exporting are easy to use.


  • No guarantee that the app will work on all Android devices.
  • Only mp3 files can be used to record calls.

Price- Free

Compatibility- Android

9. Smart Call Recorder

Smart Call Recorder

Smart Call Recorder is an Android app for recording and managing phone calls. This app enables or disables call recording and automatically records calls. It can manage recordings with white, black, and favorite lists. Search, mark, delete, and send recordings. Exclude numbers and set a password for privacy.


  • Option to enable/disable call recording
  • White list, black list, and favorite list for contacts
  • Password protection for privacy
  • Multiple recording formats are available


  • Customize recording settings
  • Option to exclude specific phone numbers
  • Share recordings with others.


  • The automatic call recording feature may not work on all devices
  • Limited customer support

Price- Free

Compatibility- Android

10. Blackbox


In addition to automatically recording your incoming and outgoing calls, Blackbox allows you to list contacts for automatic recording. It integrates with Google Drive to back up your recordings online and helps you organize them.

The app also allows you to block people from using the app and the recordings it enables you to collect. The tapes themselves are of pristine quality, so everything you record is audibly crystal clear.


  • Sort recordings by date, time, or duration
  • Whitelist contacts to exclude from recording
  • Automatic cleanup of old recordings
  • Manual recording with an on-screen widget


  • Clean interface design
  • Automatic cleanup of old recordings
  • Mass selection and deletion of recordings


  • Not compatible with VoIP calls from certain apps
  • Not compatible with other call recorders


  • Free features, Per item purchase starts from 0.9$

Compatibility- Android


To summarize, technology made it necessary to record calls and conversations. Our list of the 10 best recording apps for Android and iPhone in 2024 will assist you in finding the perfect match according to your requirements. Each application comes with unique characteristics, such as auto-record and backup capabilities. So choose one today and enjoy having a reliable voice and call recorder accessible.

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