Best Timetable Apps for Android in 2022

Best Timetable Apps for Android

Last updated on January 3rd, 2022 at 5:17 pm


If you want an instant and effective solution to create and manage timetable, then you should use the best timetable apps for Android in 2022. Let’s discuss some of these apps here.

Best Timetable Maker Apps for Android 2022

1. Timetable

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Ratings: 4.0

Price: Free

The first app in the list is designed to ensure better user experience with tons of useful features. Timetable is powerful timetable maker app for Android you should try in 2022. It is optimized for both phones and tablets. It works on beautiful and intuitive interface to help you manage your time in school or university. You can use this app to save your timetable and all tasks from homework to exams. It sends you notifications for each lesson and task. You can even automute your phone during lessons.

Features of Timetable

  • It offers easy sync feature to help you access your data across devices.
  • It is supported with light and dark theme.
  • It supports list & grid view.
  • It offers optional two, three, or four week cycle.
  • It offers dashclock extension.


  • Adaptive design
  • Added app shortcuts


  • It sends you pop out reminders instead of alarms.

2. School Planner

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Ratings: 4.6

Price: Free, Contains ads, offers in-app purchases

School Planner helps you organize your school and college life. It gives you greater control over assignments & tasks with better time management. It is perfect app for students from elementary school, high school, or college. You can use School Planner for Android to write down assignments, homework, reminders, and exams instantly. It sends you daily notifications to keep you updated about everything important.

Features of School Planner

  • You can assign different colors to each subject and view events saved in the calendar.
  • With automatic calculation of average, you can manage your grades and subjects.
  • You can use this app to save your teacher’s contact info.
  • Record lectures and organize them automatically.
  • Sync your agendas easily across devices and back up data on Google Drive.


  • Highest ratings and user satisfaction on the Google Play Store
  • You can record your lectures.


  • You can’t add classes to Sunday.
school planner

3. Class Timetable

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Ratings: 3.8

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases

Class Timetable is a perfect app for all students. You can download this app to manage timetable whether you are in school, college, or university. You can add and manage events in a few clicks to save time. It works on beautiful and interactive interface to deliver seamless user experience. You can simply swipe left and right to see what’s coming up in your schedule.

Features of Class Timetable

  • Get optional notifications before each class
  • Add widget to your home screen
  • Add events easily to your schedule
  • It offers optional multi week timetable.
  • It offers beautiful color filled interface.


  • Loaded with multiple useful features
  • Easy to use


  • Poor user ratings on the Play Store
Class Timetable

4. Timetable Planner with alarm for study

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Ratings: 4.3

Price: Free, Contains ads, Offers in-app purchases

This smart timetable maker for Android helps you manage all your tasks and assignments to save time. It also works as a study manager and offers variety of functions including memo, widget, To-Do list, scheduler, and more. You can use memo with timetable or use multiple timelines with this app. You can make a timetable with a simple touch in one minute. Timetable widget gives you quick access to multiple features from the home screen.

Features of Timetable Planner with alarm for study

  • It supports light and dark theme.
  • A landscape mode has been added for tablets and large screens.
  • You can use memo function with a timetable.
  • You can also use to-do with timetable.
  • You can set your own background screen.


  • You can check your study time in one click with this app.
  • You can check schedule for one week.


  • It doesn’t send you ring notification, rather it sends you notification in vibrate mode.
Timetable Planner

5. Daily Schedule

Requires Android: Varies with device

Ratings: 4.1

Price: Free, Contains ads, Offers in-app purchases

Use this advanced timetable app for Android to create printable timetables instantly. With app widget option, you can instantly access all features from the home screen. With in-app payment, you can remove ads. You can create multiple timetables with this smart app for different time durations. You can even copy the plan for another day. The alarm function of the app allows you to set alarm with multiple sounds settings and vibration.

Features of Daily Schedule

  • It supports easy entry of recurring schedules.
  • With time selection feature, you can instantly manage all your tasks.
  • You can create an hour, 30 minutes, or 10 minutes timetable.
  • Register plan, click to increase or reduce time.
  • With interactive alarm settings, you can manage your time more efficiently.


  • Feature rich timetable app for Android
  • PDF output function is big plus


  • You may find intrusive ads.
Daily Schedule


So this was a detailed discussion of the best timetable apps for Android. Do try any of these apps and share your experience in the comments below.

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