Top 10 Best PlayStation Emulators for Android in 2024

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For gamers worldwide, PlayStation is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the discussion about high-grading gaming options. The brand’s primary offering is the PS5 series, and most gamers opt for the latest versions. However, some old-school games from the PS1-PS2 range are still appealing to people, like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Such games were popular at one point but were only available for the older versions, not the modern PS4 or PS5 systems. If you want to play such games due to nostalgia, you can do so with the PlayStation emulators for Android or other devices. With these devices, it is possible to play older PlayStation games without issues, bugs, or slow functioning. Get your separate PS BIOS solution and set it up, and use the best emulator for your needs.

Many manufacturers have created emulators for users to play PlayStation games on the current devices with Android OS to avoid gameplay issues common in older systems. With the emulators, players can experience smoother gaming and reduced compatibility.

Top 10 PlayStation Emulators for Android in 2024

Since there are many options available, we took time to analyze multiple of them to set the usable ones apart from the substandard choices. As a result, here is our list of the best PlayStation emulators for Android based on performance, user experience, and accessibility.

1. RetroArch


One of the best PlayStation emulators for Android users to try out is RetroArch. The emulator is originally made with open-source functionality and has a strong, user-friendly development interface. Known as Libretro, this interface makes it suitable for users to create cross-platform solutions and allow streaming PlayStation gameplay on smartphones.

OpenGL support in this emulator allows users to access and use a wide range of rich features, like location, cross-platform camera support, etc. In addition, users can download game files and view them with customized controls easily. 

Price: Free

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up

Best Features:

  • Multiple menu styles are available for selection.
  • 50 core programs are usable for gamers.
  • It is possible to scan directories/files and insert them into game system collections.
  • Available built-in input and control remapping.

2. Classic Boy Gold

Classic Boy Gold

Classic Boy Gold is one of the most user-friendly game emulators for Android smartphone and tablet users who want to play PlayStation games on their devices. It mainly focuses on games originally available on the PS1 version. Moreover, the software comes with a preset BIOS, making it easy for most users to work with.

With this emulator, users can expect a 12x faster emulation process and even go higher with the Max speed level. In addition, you can work with a customizable control layout and even hide it for easier gameplay view whenever necessary.

Price:  Free

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 4.3 and up

Best Features:

  • A screen orientation locking mechanism is available.
  • Easily disable or enable reverberation.
  • Customize the on-screen control layouts.
  • Users can hide the control overlay when needed.

3. FPseNG for Android

FPseNG for Android

Originally known as the FPse64, the FPseNG for Android solution is one of the best PlayStation emulators for Android due to its cutting-edge technology. Users can work with various advanced features when operating this emulator to play varying older PlayStation-supported games on their devices.

In case, this program allows an exclusive multiplayer setting as well for improved gameplay. To operate this mode, you need to have a stable WiFi connection to link with. Plus, with OpenGL integration, you can also expect high-quality gameplay graphics. This also comes with multi-LAN mode, HD-level software rendering engine support, etc.

Price: USD 1.20

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 6.0 and up

Best Features:

  • Software rendering is possible to optimize with available shaders.
  • While using the OpenGL high-definition mode, users can fix the polygon tremor.
  • There is native support for NFS here.
  • Adjustable auto-fire is available.

4. EmuPSX XL


Another top-grade PlayStation emulator to try out is the EmuPSX XL version. This free software does not require adopting an additional BIOS file- it comes preset with the emulator, which is suitable for beginner-level users to work with. Gamers must only focus on loading the ISO for the game they want to play on the Android device with this emulator, like Armoured Core and Syphon Filter.

The interface of this emulator is not complex or advanced, and ads are common, although not during the gaming process. As for functionality, this solution comes with superior-quality mouse sensitivity peripheral support for keyboards, joysticks, gameplays, etc.

Price: Free

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up

Best Features:

  • Top-grade graphics emulation due to OpenGL support.
  • Simple-to-utilize ROMs can deeply scan and view the interface.
  • Usable stereo features that support strong sound emulation.
  • There are on-screen controllers available with varying layouts.

5. ePSXe for Android

ePSXe for Android

One of the top PlayStation emulators for Android that users can benefit from is the ePSXe for Android option. Typically, users who want to view the files of the gamers suited for PSOne and PSX versions can work with this emulator. Furthermore, it assures the users of a superior-level user experience, as noticed by the benefits they offer, like good speed, strong system compatibility, and better sound accuracy.

This emulator proves very useful for cases with 1-4 players wanting to play old-school PlayStation since all participants can use it on their tablet or smartphone without issues. Additional user benefits include hardware button mapping, split screen mode, etc.

Price: USD 2.52

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

Best Features:

  • Comes with native support for Intel Atom X86 and ARM.
  • Use a virtual touchscreen pad for control.
  • Analog sticks are available for use.
  • The emulator has HD-level enhanced graphics support with cheat codes and a 2x/4x software renderer.

6. DuckStation


Among the different options available online for game emulation, Duck Station is easily one of the top contenders available. The setup and user experience are simple with this software, which is why many gamers prefer working with Duck Station. Additional benefits here include the highly navigable and clean UI users can expect here and customizable audio and graphical settings.

After the BIOS is loaded properly, the setup process takes a minute to kickstart. As for the functions, users can expect the auto-compatibility setting in this software, which automatically deactivates any incompatible enhancements.

Price: Free

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 6.0 and up

Best Features:

  • This emulator can effectively work as an alternative support for playing older PlayStation games at 90 FPS.
  • Multiple audio and graphical settings are available for customization.
  • A keymapping-supported external controller is present for users.
  • Users can make adjustments through settings like the aspect ratio adjustment.

7. PS2 Emulator- DamonPS2 64bit

PS2 Emulator- DamonPS2 64bit

This is one of the best PlayStation emulators for Android available for playing the old games previously available on PS2 systems. The solution makes it easy to access and play the game’s files on Android smartphones, and the playback is smooth and straightforward.

The solution is compatible with different types of Android models, including those running on Snapdragon 835 or 845 processors. Of course, different game options are also available from the original PS2 line-up.

Price: In-app purchases start at USD 0.42 per item.

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 5.1 and up

Best Features:

  • Save the game progress for future access.
  • High-resolution 1080p is possible during gaming.
  • Multi-threading acceleration is supported here.
  • Users can play Widescreen Games (16:9) using this emulator without performance lag.

8. John NESS

 John NESS

Android smartphone and tablet users can also utilize the John NESS emulator to play various old-school games on their Android smartphones. Of course, you need to have your game files, as the app will scan and run the solution accordingly. The multi-emulator tool comes with an original engine and supports high-grade rendering ability.

Users can easily search for the game files through the app on their smartphone and access the zipped files. In addition, an on-screen keypad is available for easier controls. The layout of the interface and the keys are all customizable, and this emulator also comes with Dropbox support if John DataSync is available in the system.

Price: In-app purchases start at USD 0.90 per item.

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 6.0 and up

Best Features:

  • Keys are easily customizable.
  • Gamers can slow down or fast-forward through the gameplay at the x0.25- x16 range.
  • Take screenshots of the gameplay.
  • Use turbo buttons for an optimized gaming experience.

9. EmuBox – AIO emulator

EmuBox - AIO emulator

EmuBox is a type of AIO-based emulator that works efficiently as a comprehensive PlayStation emulator that Android users can benefit with. It allows users to run different old-school game ROMs from the PS1 or PSX version. With this, it is simple to scan the available game file and then continue playing on the mobile screen.

The app allows users to save and load their game states whenever needed in a specific saving slot. Moreover, one can fast forward and take screenshots easily with this.

Price: Free

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up

Best Features:

  • Nin and PSX (PS1 emulator available.
  • It is possible to fast-forward through the game with this easily.
  • Material design-supported multi-emulator.
  • It is possible to save around 20 shots and game states from later loading them for reference.  

10. AetherSX2 — PlayStation 2

 AetherSX2 — PlayStation 2

AetherSX2 is one of the top-rated PlayStation emulators for Android users, specifically for emulating PS2-related gameplay experiences on smartphones and tablets. Before starting this, you have to configure your personalized BIOS environment.

The gameplay and emulator setup process with this option are equally high-quality and operate in a straightforward mechanism. This application comes with more benefits, like a gaming experience at 1080p resolution, Vulkan/OpenGL support, etc.

Price: Free

How to Download: Google Play Store

Compatibility: Android 8.0 and up

Best Features:

  • PS2 support is available for users with this, but for a limited number of options.
  • Software rendering is supported here.
  • Pre-gram settings and gamepad support are available.
  • Play the games at a high 1080p resolution level.


To sum up, various top-grade solutions are available in the market to work as PlayStation emulators for Android. Many of the ones mentioned allow support for a variety of games, while others excel in the context of simple usability. Check out the features, cost, and other details on all options before finalizing the one you want based on your personalized experience.

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