Best Photo Resizer Apps

Best Photo Resizer Apps

Last updated on March 8th, 2022 at 5:42 pm

With today’s advanced technology, people can easily take high-quality images with their mobile devices. However, many platforms like social media apps do not accept pictures with bigger sizes that have resolutions upto 2,000 pixels of width. So, users have to resize the photo, but that can compromise the photo quality.

Here, using top-quality photo resizer apps to adjust the size is the best option available instead of deleting bigger-sized options. If you have deleted them, install and use photo recovery software to recover your deleted/damaged photos and resize them before posting.

You will learn about the best photo resizer applications available now through this post. So, read ahead.

Top Photo Resizer Apps

Multiple apps claim to edit photo size without affecting the quality at all. We went through many of these apps to compile a comprehensive list of the top 10 best options available. Choose as per your needs.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best photo resizer apps available that allows for simple online image editing/cropping instantaneously. Later, you can download the file into your device for offline use. In addition, you can optimize the total page content and get quicker loading during the resizing process.

Tools are available to edit the image further and change the overall look completely. 

Adobe Photoshop Express

Compatibility: All OS types

Price: Free


·       Choose template types like portrait, square, landscape, and vertical

·       Multiple pre-configured sizes are available

·       Add effects like GIFs

·       Highlight subject or remove the image backdrop


·       More than 100,000 assets and templates are available

·       Easy to use

·       Free


·       Advanced features available under the premium plan

·       Some users may have trouble adjusting the sizing

2. Promo Free Image Resizer

This is one of the easiest to use photo resizer apps available online, with a simple interface that is easy to use daily. You can easily upload an image of your choice or drag a picture to the area for resizing by pasting the URL link.

The image conversion process occurs quickly and efficiently in the chosen format. You can even decide between resizing a section of the image or the whole picture.

Promo Free Image Resizer

Compatibility: All OS types

Price: Free


Pre-built templates and image styles

Advertising formats like Leaderboard and Large Rectangle

Easy image resizing, conversion, and sharing to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest


·       Drag and drop editor

·       Simple UI

·       Best for social media manages


·       Some of the other apps have more than 60 settings for image sizes

·       Privacy policy details are limited

3.  Social Image Resizer Tool

This is another useful app for quickly editing bigger images into social media-compatible options. You can use it for free and upload the image, specifying the main resizing requirements. Some examples here include size (e.g., 50×50), type of image (e.g., Facebook profile icon), and custom. After that, download the converted file for your social media usage.

Social Image Resizer Tool

Compatibility: Any OS

Price: Free


·       Manually edit the image

·       Formats like the cover image, profile picture, video thumbnail, etc.

·       Straightforward upload and conversion tool

·       JPG/PNG/ICO/GIF types are supported


·       Easy to use

·       Many image output formats supported

·       No cost


·       Social media users can mainly use it

·       Only 2MB-sized files are supported

4.  BeFunky

BeFunky is a suitable online platform for creating new graphic designs, editing image size and layouts, and making collages. Integrated features and tools are available here that make it easy to resize and crop different photos, even in batches.

You can use the Touch-Up tool to enhance the photos and portraits and even omit the background using Background Remover.


Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: $4.99 per month


·       Graphic Designing and photo editing

·       Customizable collage layouts

·       AI-powered innovative image editing tools

·       Vector graphics and icons are available


·       Full-screen mode

·       High-quality AI-powered editing choices

·       Add overlays, photo frames, collages, etc.


·       Advanced features come under the paid subscription plan

·       Many of the available features are limited

5.  Biteable

Users can easily edit image size into smaller options with this free photo size editing tool. You can easily drag and drop a select image and choose the new sizing options for the width and height.

Then, run the resizing tool and automatically carry out the task. Next, you can manually drag and slide your cursor over the image to choose the crucial image parts. Then, download the new file.


Compatibility: Mac and PC

Price: $49 per month for Ultimate Professionals


·       There are many standard sizes for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

·       More than 50 images are available

·       Easy slider functionality for image resizing

·       Automatic resizing to set options


·       Easily add images into videos

·       Resize/crop videos

·       Conversion of images into videos


·       Not best for mobile OS, like iOS

·       Limited features

6.  ILoveIMG

This is one of the most popular platforms for photo editing for quick and high-quality image cropping and editing functions. Users can convert the images to other formats, like JPG or PNG. Plus, make edits to the photo using the editor feature.

This application has additional features like watermark addition and meme generation tool.


Compatibility: All OS types

Price: Custom pricing tailored for your business


·       Pre-set image size options are available

·       Support multiple image types, like SVG

·       Multiple languages are available

·       Custom editing


·       Simple UI

·       Easy to use

·       Batch processing is available


·       The free version has limited features

·       Percentage mode not available

7.  Instasize Photo Editor + Video

Instasize is one of the best photo resizer apps available for users to quickly and safely edit their photos and videos for social media posting. In addition, you would get a library of premium-quality presets, filters, and tools for color editing.

There is the option to create collages through this app and post it quickly onto social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.


Compatibility: Mac, iOS

Price: $4.99/month


·       Add image frames

·       Include background video

·       More than 130 filters and borders

·       Edit photo elements like tanning, whitening, etc.


·       Smooth functioning after conversion

·       Easy to use

·       Vintage overlay edits


·       Not available for Android

·       Huge app size

8.  Image Size Photo Resizer

Use Image Size Photo Resizer for your image resizing needs. You can select more than one photo and change them in bulk for easier management. Furthermore, you can showcase or omit the location data or the Exif data attached with different images.

You can choose an image from your gallery and resize its proportion. Use the zoom feature to see the changed areas.

Image Size Photo Resizer

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free


·       Resize apps in batches

·       Locally save images

·       Choose custom resizing preferences

·       Pre-set options available


·       Lightweight

·       Free to use

·       Simple to use


·       Not available for Android users

·       Functionality can get slow at times

9.  Simple Image Resizer

Users can easily change the pictures saved in their system with image resizer apps like this one. Choose the percentage of the new image size or dimensions for the resizing process after simple uploading. The website supports different image formats like JPEG and GIF and can turn them into small-sized pictures. There is no installation necessary.

Simple Image Resizer

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free


·       Blog-based photo sizing

·       Supports image formats like JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF

·       Create social media posts or auction page type images, like Facebook or eBay

·       Add changed images as email attachments


·       Resized images have no quality changes

·       Edit images within PDF or Word Files

·       Post images onto the community forum


·       Not many features compared to others

·       No app version

10. Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a suitable application for resizing graphical designs into different sizes without affecting the quality or resolutions. Users can first opt for a free trial to resize the images in minutes using the Magic Resize feature and save. The photos you save would be suitable for different platforms, including websites, social media, or physical printing.

Canva Pro

Compatibility: PC, Mac, iOS, Android

Price: $52.95/year for up to 5 people


·       Library of 100+ million audio, videos, photos, and graphics (stock pictures)

·       Magic Resize feature for Design resizing

·       Cloud storage of 100GB

·       Background Remover instantly deletes background image


·       More than 610,000 free and premium images

·       Save for offline use

·       Scheduled social media posting (8 platforms at a time)


·       Not free

·       Complex to use for some users


With the photo resizer apps like these, you can easily reconfigure the size of the photos for various apps and edit them further. The best one, in our opinion, is the Adobe Photoshop Express app with high-quality features and smooth usability. Make your choice based on what suits your device and requirements. If you want to keep some of the photos private on your device, use the Systweak Keep Photos Secret app, available for iOS and Android.

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