5 Best PC Racing Games

best PC racing games

Last updated on September 17th, 2022 at 12:21 pm

There are certain requirements for computer car simulators:

  • The presence of physics, as close to reality as possible;
  • Technical characteristics of the car clearly have an impact on the driving process;
  • There are dynamically changing weather conditions;
  • The road surface affects the ride;
  • There is two-way traffic.

Thus, you have to use the “right games” to learn. Next, let’s consider a few driving simulators that are worthy of your attention:

pc racing games

1. City Car Driving

Quite a realistic simulator of driving in the city, aimed at consolidation of knowledge of the rules of the road. The program is implemented close to the present traffic, and its algorithm will always throw up the driver a variety of unexpected situations, for example, in the form of suddenly appearing on the roadway pedestrians. Visually not bad, made change of weather (there are rains and fogs, complicating the review), there are real race tracks with a set of exercises, as well as built-in exam from the traffic police. At the same time, the algorithm of the software will constantly monitor how the player observes the traffic rules.

2. My Summer Car

In this sim, the player is invited to collect their own car from scratch and practice driving off-road. Although the game may seem frivolous in some places (for example, drunk driver mode), it perfectly shows the work of an auto mechanic. This mode allows you to learn quite accurately the construction of the car, to understand how it is set up. Hints exist at a primitive level, so practice makes up the lion’s share of the simulator, which will have a positive effect on the accumulation of experience.

3. Forza Motorsport 7

The main advantages of this simulator are excellent graphics, realistic physics, and a huge car park, which includes serial Volkswagen and luxury Lamborghini. By the way, today you can drive a Lamborghini not only in the game but also find Lamborghini hire in Dubai. Today, car rental services are available to everyone. So don’t be afraid of contacting any rental provider with good rating. But remember, in order to drive a sports car you need training. Although modern car simulators have reached incredible realism, life is not a game.

This game can not be called a game – it’s quite a ready professional racing car simulator.  The car fleet includes both classic cars, race cars “Formula 1”, and serious body models. There are drifting and slipstream modes to hone your sporty ride, which feels quite decent.

4. SnowRunner

This series is a simulator of different cars in full off-road conditions. Despite the general orientation of the game, it consists not only of heavy vehicles. You should consider lots of addons. Cars in the game act as scouts for safe routes and can also be used as refuelers for trucks. Allows you to perfectly feel all the difficulties of driving a car on rough terrain, its behavior on mountain routes and snowy roads.

5. iRacing

This game belongs to the category of the best professional racing simulation today. It is an extremely realistic and detailed sim, in which it is possible to compete online, both in single races and in mass races of the fastest roadsters on the planet. Graphics engine properly calculates the dynamic changes in the coverage of the track, there is a realistic model of the damaged cars correctly calculated interaction with the suspension. The game has a separate ranking system, remembering the level of correct driving of the drivers. The simulator will not allow for the competition of users, deliberately arranging accidents, or practicing aggressive driving. Definitely, this game should not be considered 100% entertainment.


The games in this article do not represent a complete list of all car simulators. You should also check official sports simulators: F1, NASCAR, and popular games: Forza Horizon and Dirt Rally. But, naturally, learning to drive in arcade sims (such as The Need for Speed or GTA series) makes no sense even if you use car mods. Good luck on the (virtual) road!

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