7 Best Nintendo Switch Apps in 2023


If you look around, you will see many game options. People are building CPUs and buying gaming laptops, Xbox, PlayStation etc., but in some way or another, everything does not fit your pocket or requirement. Therefore Nintendo Switch is a perfect gaming console where you can enjoy the gaming experience and run multiple apps.

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console. It was developed by the company Nintendo. Nintendo Switch can be used as a tablet, or you can add Joy-con to make it functional for multiple purposes. Since its launch in 2017, it has been available worldwide. You can visit your nearest Store and ask for Nintendo Switch to upgrade your gaming experience.

List of 7 Best Nintendo Switch Apps

Looking to buy a new Nintendo Switch! Don’t wait anymore; grab a Nintendo Switch and experience the best quality gaming streaming and watching videos. Check out the top 7 apps you can run on the Nintendo Switch and enjoy the device with your friends and family.

1. Twitch

It is one of the popular gaming platforms for streamers to connect with audiences online and showcase their gaming talent. Millions of users are streaming online gaming or developing content for their followers.


If you are a gamer, you can use Nintendo Switch to stream online and play games simultaneously with one device. You can download Twitch for free on the Nintendo console. Moreover, you can play multiple inbuilt games on Nintendo and share your experience with millions of viewers. In addition, you can also earn fame and money with the Twitch streaming app.


  • Multiple streaming facilities are available.
  • Connect you with millions of users.
  • A User-friendly interface helps new streamers to understand quickly.


  • There are a few regions where Twitch is not active.
  • You cannot stream your video in 4K quality.

2. Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is the most important Application for Nintendo Switch devices. Although it is a Subscription based application, it allows you to play multiple games online. If you are a game gaming lover and want to play games with random players, this Application is best for you.

Nintendo Switch Online

It has multiple games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, animal crossing, Splatoon 2, etc. You can play these multiplayer or single-player games on the Nintendo Switch and save your data in the cloud. Moreover, it periodically adds multiple games you can enjoy, and you have no worries about using your data with cloud storage.


  • Connect to people online with multiplayer games.
  • Cloud storage is available to save your data.
  • Exclusive gaming experience


  • Requires active Subscription to access the games of Nintendo Switch online.
  • People may face connectivity issues.


KORG is free downloadable software on the Nintendo Switch where you can enjoy and create music. It has multiple switches, a synthesizer and pads by which you can add your personal touch to the music. Moreover, this app allows you to create music and record it to save on an external drive.


KORG has multiple digital knobs to fix your pitch and produce different sounds. If you are a music lover and want to create music, this is the best app to enjoy on the Nintendo Switch.


  • You will fan 16 synthesizers and multiple drum pads.
  • Professional interface with easy direction to create music.
  • Perfect Application for the music artist to produce music.


  • You cannot export the audio from this Application.
  • The Application does not support MIDI controllers.

4. Hulu

Hulu is one of the most popular apps for streaming video online. It is a popular OTT platform where you can stream movies and original Hulu content. The Application was launched by The Walt Disney Company in 2007. You can watch popular TV shows and live channels on this platform, including NBC, Fox News, etc.


The Application rose its popularity during COVID-19 when people stayed home and watched online shows on the OTT platform. Hulu has millions of downloads and adds free subscriptions to enjoy non-stop entertainment. Now you can enjoy the Hulu app on your Nintendo Switch.


  • Superior quality of video streaming.
  • Connected with multiple popular channels.
  • Quick searching potential.


  • You cannot stream 4K videos on the Hulu app.
  • A valid Subscription is required to access the full content.

5. InkyPen

It is a well-known digital comic software where you can read multiple comic books and enjoy your alone time. The software is free to download from the Nintendo Switch store but requires a subscription to access the comic books.


You can enjoy the Top popular comic books and manga from Image Comics, Dark House, etc., in the InkyPen app. Moreover, the interface of this app is very easy to access for new users. You can search for your favorite comic book in the search bar and easily access it if you have an active Subscription. With InkyPen, you won’t have to think in your spare time. You can enjoy the best comics in different categories from this Application.


  • Mass comic library.
  • The Inbuilt Category section helps you to find your favorite genre.
  • You can also access this app in Tablet mode.


  • DC and Marvel comics are not available.
  • A valid subscription is required to enjoy the InkyPen app.

6. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most wanted applications on every device. Now you can enjoy YouTube videos and shorts on the Nintendo Switch. Many people are addicted to YouTube and making content. Therefore now you can watch videos, listen to music and enjoy content on YouTube.


Additionally, you can also upload your content directly to YouTube with Nintendo Switch. Therefore you don’t have to switch to your mobile or tablet to enjoy YouTube. Nintendo Switch gets all for you in one device.


  • Enjoy the vast collection of content on YouTube.
  • Actively works with the Joy-Con controller to seek forward or backwards.
  • Free app to access without any subscription.


  • The device does not allow you to stream YouTube videos in 4K.
  • Frequent ads.

7. Colors Live

If you’re an artist and love to create beautiful pictures and drawings, then it is the best app to enjoy on Nintendo Switch. It is one of the most downloaded apps on Nintendo Switch, where you can create lots of artwork with the help of multiple tools.

 Colors Live

The Color Live supports compatible pressure-sensitive pens to create drawings. You can also connect the Sonar pen to Nintendo Switch with a headphone jack to make your drawing more precise and accurate. You can also upload your art on the Color Live Application, where others can see and appreciate it.


  • Portable artistic software.
  • Function with a pressure-sensitive pen.
  • Multiple drawing tools are available.


  • Require additional accessories.
  • Costly Subscription of $50.


Don’t trouble yourself by carrying multiple devices for gaming, watching the video and creating content. Nintendo Switch offers the wastage of applications you can enjoy on the device with Joy-Con controllers. You can also buy multiple accessories that are accessible with different apps on the Nintendo Switch.

You can turn your Nintendo Switch into a tablet and enjoy streaming movies and games online. Therefore if you are hesitating to purchase a Nintendo Switch, we give you the best 7 reasons to grab it now. Enjoy the games and Read comics on one device.


Q1 What is the pricing of Nintendo Switch in India?

You can purchase the Nintendo Switch from popular websites like Amazon. The updated model of Nintendo Switch version 2 is available on Amazon at 27,490 INR. Moreover, you can also find additional accessories for the Nintendo Switch on the same website.

Q2 Can we play Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Nintendo Switch has multiple games you can play online with friends. You can also play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games on this device. You can enhance your gaming experience and play multiple games with a valid subscription.

Q3 Is there any app free to access on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, people are mostly worried that if we buy under which, we have to pay a Subscription for all the apps. However, it is not true there are many apps you can access without a Subscription and enjoy with your Nintendo Switch device.

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