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12 Best Mac Cleaner & Optimization Software for 2019


Last updated on June 23rd, 2019 at 04:46 pm

Are you facing a problem with your Mac machine? Is it running slow? Whether it is MacBook or iMac over time lots of unwanted data get accumulated on your hard drive that slows down macOS. Especially the latest macOS that requires more storage and memory. Therefore, Mac optimization is required.

There are several reasons behind Mac’s slow and sluggish performance, so are the ways to optimize it. In the market you can find dozens of tools that promise to optimize Mac, but identifying the best is difficult.

Hence, here we bring for you list of 12 best Mac cleaner & optimization software to boost Mac’s performance in 2019.

These best Mac cleaner software will not only help in optimizing Mac but will also help in increasing system response time.

All the apps that we recommend here are safe to download and are fully compatible with the latest version of macOS. These apps will help you optimize and clean the clutter from your Mac machine. Plus, they have a dedicated support team to handle customer queries, so you can use any of them without worrying about anything.

12 Best Mac Cleaner & Optimization Tools in 2019

Editor’s Pick

CleanMyMac X: Want to clean your Mac, but don’t want to do it manually? If yes, here is the answer to all your problems. This Mac optimizing, and cleaning tool not only speeds up your Mac but will also help to disable heavy memory processes. Plus, best Mac cleaner software will disable unwanted login items and its unique feature Speed that battles will help to increase Mac’s performance.

cleanmymac x

1. CCleaner: This one is a popular Mac optimization utility. It is designed to identify and delete bugs, junk files from your Mac machine. The best part about CCleaner is it checks your entire Mac for the files that are making it run slow. This app has a simple and intuitive interface so that the user can easily view the results and can confirm the deletion.



2. IObit MacBooster: is one of the best all-in-one-concept Mac optimization software. It cleans up 20 types of junk files and helps get rid of threats. Plus, MacBooster is capable of optimizing Mac’s hard disk drive to boost its performance.Moreover, its five clean-up tools help to remove tons of junk files, free up Mac hard disk to run Mac smoothly. This feature is beneficial for users using smaller SSD hard disks.

iobit macbooster

3. Drive Genius 5: A great tool when it comes to defragging and optimizing. This software scans the system automatically to detect malware and clean all the malicious infections from your Mac. Moreover, it helps in removing duplicate files and identifying hardware related problems. In addition to this Driver Genius 5 even repairs logical files and folder errors to avoid imminent problems. Its 3 functional modules, Clean-Up, Protect, and Speed Up help user to optimize and clean Mac.

Driver Genius 5

4. DaisyDisk: simple to use this Mac optimization tool not only allows to view large files but also helps in deleting irrelevant data. DaisyDisk displays an overview of the disks attached so that the user can know the amount of space occupied and free on the disk drive. This tool by means of daisy wheel shows all file systems so that it’s easy for the user to know how much space is available. Since all shown data is in real time user can know whether there’s enough space to download a media file or not. This tool normally takes 10-15 seconds to scan your disk and show an overview.


5. TuneupMyMac: TuneupMyMac’s advanced features and powerful tools help enhance Mac speed with ease and improve your experience exclusively. This one of tthe best Mac cleaner software helps you deep clean your system storage and recover valuable disk space. It helps you optimize your system hard drive and make your Mac more stable.

tuneupmymac systweak

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6. Disk Clean Pro: Another popular disk tool for Mac is Disk Clean Pro. This tool includes features like disk clean up, disk management and others to prevent Mac slowdowns. Without putting your data at risk Disk Clean Pro cleans disk drive. Disk Clean Pro offers features like One Click Cleaning, Duplicate Finder, Internet Privacy, and more. Using the tool is a cakewalk, you can install this awesome tool to know how it works.

Disk Clean Pro

7. OnyX: One of the best Mac cleaners. It offers a wide array of features to remove unwanted junk files that accumulate on your hard disk. With this app, the user can do a lot from checking the disk to configuring Apple application. You name it this app has all the features to help you accomplish the task. This best Mac optimization tool provides great maintenance tools to run system scripts, remove browser cache, junk files and erase trash.


8. AppCleaner: Another best Mac cleaning tool AppCleaner, allows to remove widgets, unwanted files and configuration files. One of its best options is SmartDelete, it functions when you drag the application to Trash. Using the three tabs: Widgets, Applications and Others, you can easily get rid of unwanted files.


9. iMobie MacClean: This Mac optimization is 12th on our list and it has all the essential features a Mac cleaning and OS system maintenance requires. It helps de-clutter Mac and increases device’s competence. No longer you will need to clean your Mac manually, this amazing tool promises to do in-depth cleaning and remove unwanted data. Furthermore, MacClean’s Internet Clean feature shields your Internet activities from snoopy eyes. It removes all cookies, saved passwords, cache and useless website data from all the browsers. You can purchase either a personal or family license as per the requirement.


10. MacCleanse: Next on our list of best Mac optimization tools is MacCleanse. A functional Mac cleaner that guarantees cleaning in a fast and effective manner. This app scans your complete Mac for unwanted stuff. The best part of this product is its simple and unique interface. This advanced Mac cleaner is best for novice users as it offers customization and in-depth scanning. Plus, its uninstaller feature allows deleting unwanted application quickly from your Mac. MacCleanse even has a feature to disable login items that usually slow down Mac or hog CPU usage.


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11. OS Cleaner Master: A tool that cleans every inch of your system to optimize it for better performance. OS Cleaner Master can be used to monitor storage, memory and CPU usage. It even checks for crashed apps and firewall status. A user can use all of its useful features to clean mac, delete duplicate files, manage and organize data.

OS Cleaner Master


In the end, we hope our list of 12 best Mac cleaner & optimization tool proves helpful while you make the choice. However, if you have any suggestion regarding the review please share with us. Do not hesitate to leave a comment.

These products are both easy to use and easy on your pocket, you can either purchase a single license or family licenses of these products. For more update and to know about best tools for your Mac and Windows stay tuned.

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