Best Internet Filter Software

Best Internet Filter Software

Last updated on June 16th, 2022 at 11:49 am

The internet currently features many websites and applications that users can access easily. However, with multiple types of web pages and web content available, it is essential to have the ability to filter irrelevant or inappropriate options out.

You can down an antivirus software like Norton 360 Deluxe, which has the Parental Control feature for filtering search functions. Or, a reliable internet filter software helps screen sites or webpages, like adult content, chat rooms, gambling sites, etc.

Some software types come with pre-set filters, while others covertly track and record users’ web activity. Here, we discuss a few of the best such software.

Best Internet Filter Software in 2022

Different types of internet filter software are available in application format or as add-ons/extensions. We searched through different versions in the market and evaluated their functionality. Then, we created this list of the best software available for internet filtration- read to know what they are.

1. McAfee Total Protection

MacAfee Total Protection is one of the best software options available for a high-quality browsing experience guarantee. It protects all personal data and passwords safely for users while operating multiple devices. Identity monitoring is available for personalized data safety and privacy.

An antivirus protection feature is available that safeguards the system from online attacks and malware issues. The integrated VPN allows for smooth access to global content while protecting online privacy.

MacAfee Total Protection

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Price: 1 year subscription- USD 19.73; 2 years subscription- USD 14.46; auto-renews to USD 46.05 annually


  • Supports advanced monitoring functionality
  • Integrated VPN for automatic privacy guarantee
  • Password manager for secure protection of all passwords
  • Protection Score guidance for safe browsing


  • Compatible with different platforms
  • Supports up to 5 devices
  • Easy to utilize


  • The renewal cost for each year is high for some users
  • Some features need additional purchase

2. Norton Family

Norton Family is a reliable software for internet content, site filtration, and safe internet usage. Parents install the app on multiple devices and can use it to monitor the online activities of all users from one platform. It works as a parental control software; you can block internet access during specific timings like school hours.

You would get information on the types of sites the kids access on their time. Also, you can remotely block inappropriate or harmful sites. Manage internet time usage for the kids with the screen time scheduling feature.

Norton Family

Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android

Price: USD 32.89 per year


  • Analyzed reports weekly or monthly about children’s internet usage activities
  • Monitor email content and blocked site access
  • Instantly lock the device for specific periods
  • Comprehensive Web Portal to manage all devices


  • Get automatic alerts of the device user’s location and internet activities
  • Pause internet usage during school time
  • Supervise the location of users remotely


  • Not available for free
  • Mac users cannot use this app

3. Arista Edge NG Firewall

Arista Edge NG Firewall, previously known as Untangle, is a useful application for multi-device internet monitoring, filtering, and protection. Companies can use this software to ensure safe browsing for their employees. There is a plan available for families; both versions include the necessary features for internet usage and content filtering.

Users also get additional features like advanced internet threat protection and VPN connection with this software. This can automatically filter out irrelevant or harmful elements from harmful web content to spam/encrypted requests.

Compatibility: Windows

Price: NG Firewall Complete- Starts at USD 25.00/month; NG Firewall at Home- Starts at USD 50.00/year


  • Deep data-driven reports of internet activity
  • Encrypted internet request filtering
  • Spam or ad filtration
  • Protection against hacking or phishing attempts


  • Free trial available
  • Best for organizations to use
  • No hidden costs


  • Not supported on multiple OS types
  • Limited features

4. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is another high-quality software available for web monitoring and safe browsing. Features include parental controls, time management, internet filtering, alerts, profanity masking, and site blocking.

While using the software, you can set different profiles for all family members and check their online activities. The app analyses and compiles usage data in one location for easy access and review.

net nanny

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Kindle Fire

Price: 1 Desktop- USD 39.99 per year; 5 Devices- USD 54.99 per year; 20 Devices- USD 89.99 per year


  • Filter web traffic and web content across different browsers
  • Monitor and set specific screen times for users
  • Block adult sites or content in real-time
  • Check the internet activity of users and block sites


  • Bigger plans can support multiple devices
  • Customize specific sites to block
  • Restrict specific apps and web content


  • The single device plan is available for Mac users only
  • Not available for Windows users

5. Qustodio

Qustodio is another applicable that people install for parental control and internet filtering functions. You can use the software to check the device users’ online activities. Keep track of the sites and content that every member in your family or organization is using and get complete reports.

Also, you can restrict specific sites, games, and apps. If kids are using the device, only allow access to children-friendly sites you whitelisted. Additionally, you can track messages kids are getting across different apps and track family members’ locations.   


Compatibility: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Kindle

Price: Small- USD 27.24 per year; Medium- USD 47.11 per year; Large- USD 67.77 per year


  • Set time limits for internet usage
  • Comprehensive online activity reports
  • Real-time reports, SOS, and alerts
  • SMS/Call tracking


  • Track/block calls from unknown/inappropriate individuals
  • Check SMS content
  • Monitor online activity of users


  • Panic Button and SMS/Call monitoring features are only available to Android users
  • Only some sites allow social media monitoring

6. Wondershare FamiSafe

FamiSafe works efficiently as an all-in-one parental control and internet filter software. Using this app, parents can track the areas their kids’ visit and review their location timeline. You can set specific places where they must remain and receive instant alerts when leaving the zone.

Other benefits include controlling screen time, smart location and usage tracking, scheduling, and internet activity reporting. You can also check what they search on YouTube or other sites, even in incognito mode. Detect erotic images or inappropriate chat logs as well.


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Amazon Kindle Fire devices

Price: Monthly- USD 10.99; Quarterly- USD 20.99; Annual- USD 60.99


  • Time-wise checking of device users’ location history
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Online category or website search blocking
  • Restrict specific apps


  • Monitory YouTube video history and block inappropriate channels/videos
  • Check and block suspicious sites
  • Smart screentime usage scheduling


  • Money-back guarantee valid only for 7 days 
  • Does not work when facing robust VPN apps sometimes

7. Kaspersky Safe Kids 

Kaspersky is a primary service provider that launched many software types for digital optimization and privacy protection. The Kaspersky Safe Kids option is a suitable software option from the company for a safe browsing experience for users.

You can use it to set a specific zone as a safe spot for your children. When they cross the boundary, you will get notifications. Track their location 24×7 on a map through the app. Additionally, users can customize the types of apps or sites that are accessible or set daily screen time.


Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

Price: Free


  • Filter out inappropriate or adult content and sites
  • Safe YouTube search
  • Manage screentime per device for each user
  • GPS-based tracking of location


  • Block harmful or inappropriate content or sites
  • Manage app usage time and age restrictions
  • The free version holds many features


  • Many features are for the Premium version only, like YouTube history checking and battery-usage tracking
  • Real-time alerts are not always quick  

8. Bark

Bark is a suitable internet filter software that verified child psychologists authorize as a suitable app for a child’s web surfing experience. Parents use this app to manage and monitor their children’s internet usage.

The software is compatible with over 30 popular social media platforms and apps. You can remotely check children’s messages and web activity on these platforms, besides email or text message content. Also, parents can set web filtering features that track conversations, photos, and the sites kids visit.


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Amazon mobile

Price: Bark Jr- USD 5/month; Bark Premium- USD 14/month


  • Alerts on cyberbullying messages, inappropriate contact, or adult content
  • Automated alerts and recommendations of child protection data
  • 24×7 internet usage tracking
  • Social media usage monitoring remotely


  • Get notifications for children’s location in real-time
  • Block websites or categories
  • Set scheduled timelines for internet usage


  • Focused on child protection only
  • Does not support multiple devices

9. Intego ContentBarrier X9

ContentBarrier X9 via Intego is an advanced internet filter software for macOS systems. It comes equipped with multiple browsing protection features.

The app allows users to block harmful or adult content from devices with pre-defined filtration categories. Besides that, you can directly set whitelist categories with suitable web content or put specific sites under the blacklist.

This software can set usage time for children on the internet each day. Use the pre-set filters to set approved content as per the maturity level or age of the users.

ContentBarrier X9

Compatibility: Mac

Price: 1 year subscription- USD 39.99; 2 year subscription- USD 69.99


  • Set whitelisted websites; some sites are allowed for users to access
  • Block inappropriate web content with specific keywords, HTTPS-based URLs, and specific content categories
  • Record of all visited websites
  • Chat monitoring to block objectionable chats or email


  • Record and screenshot screens with inappropriate content
  • Blocks steaming or game server connections easily
  • Multiple filtering categories


  • Not compatible with mobile devices 
  • Only available for Mac users

10. MMGuardian

MMGuardian is a high-quality parental control app that is powered with AI integration for accurate and timely device usage monitoring. You can access and see the messages and photos children using their devices get on social media or SMS. This is suitable to track children’s online activities and stop cyberbullying, depression, and drug use situations early.

The app filters and blocks contact numbers sending predatory messages to the user’s device. Also, you can set the timeline for when children can use the phone and control which sites or apps they can visit.


Compatibility: iOS, Android

Price: Monthly (Family)- USD 7.99 per month; Annual (Family)- USD 69.99 per year; 5 Year License (Family)- a one-time payment of USD 149.99


  • Track location of kids with pre-set time scheduling/on-demand checking
  • Custom block specific website categories or URLs
  • Block SMSes or calls from unknown/harmful numbers
  • Comprehensive internet usage reports


  • Easy to use
  • Quick alerts on kids’ internet activity
  • Check cyberbullying or inappropriate comments through message tracking


  • Free initial trial available for 14 days only
  • Not supported on all devices/OS


Many software options for internet filtering work with different device types and block sites with specified keywords. They properly filter out undesirable web content types and even manage whitelisted websites. For the best results, we suggest you try Norton Family. It has robust analytics and blocking capability and works on different devices.

Alternatively, you can invest in Avast Ultimate application package, which safeguards against dangerous or fake websites. Read about all of your options before finalizing one software.

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