Top 10 Hacking Apps for Advanced Hackers in 2020


Last updated on January 5th, 2020 at 03:32 pm

When it comes to the internet, hacking is one of the most popular aspects. Many people may have a misconception that hacking is an entirely bad thing. But, as with anything, there are two sides here. You can simplify it by categorizing this topic into two, which are ethical hacking and unethical hacking. Basically, it all depends on how a person or a group uses it. If you’re interested in hacking, you can learn it on the internet without any hassles. But, before beginning it’s better to educate yourself about the tools involved in it. To help you with that, we’re listing down some of the best hacking apps here that you can use in year 2020.

10 Best Hacking Tools for 2020

While talking about hacking and the tools involved in it, be aware that this is a vast subject and there are numerous modules in it. The following tools have different backgrounds and are used for wide range of purposes. Continue reading to find out about the top 10 hacking tools.

1. Nmap

One of the most popular and widely used hacking tools out there, Nmap, which is also known as Network Mapper is an open-source tool. This program is mainly used to conduct network discovery tests and security audits. You can also use this tool for checking open ports, network inventory, and many more purposes.


2. OWASP Zed

Also known as ZAP, this tool is one of the highly-preferred ones. OWASP projects are very popular among the hackers. This hacking program can be used to detect any type of vulnerabilities in your web applications. If you’re working in cyber security, this is one of the must-have hacking tools. The specialty of this tool is its ability to run in daemon mode.

owasp zed

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3. Metaspoilt

If you’re looking for a sophisticated hacking tool, Metaspoilt is the way to go in 2020. This tool offers a wide range of features which can be used to exploit network vulnerabilities and create a backdoor. Basically, this is a collection of many hacking frameworks and tools. You can use this best hacking tool for cybersecurity, as it can detect vulnerabilities of your network and offers you penetration testing as well.


4. John The Ripper

A highly famous password cracking pentesting program, John The Ripper is a very famous among the hacker spectrum. It can be used to conduct dictionary attacks. This tool works by taking text string samples from a wordlist, which consists of already cracked passwords and popular words. This tool can be used to perform Rainbow and Brute Force attacks as well.

john the ripper

5. Wireshark

An open-source and free hacking app that offers a wide variety of features, Wireshark is a packet analyzer tool that you can use for troubleshooting networks and software protocol development. This tool has been developed using advanced algorithms that assist you with effective features. This is one of the most important tools for people who’re pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

6. Cain & Abel

Generally known as just Cain, this is a widely-known hacking tool that is being used by thousands of people all around the world. This is a password recovery software that operates through sophisticated techniques. It can crack encrypted passwords through brute force and dictionary attacks. This tool is one of the fastest ones in its kind.

cain and abel

7. Aircrack-ng

For someone who’s looking for a hacking app that can help in auditing and penetrating wireless networks, Aircrack is the way to go. Basically, this hacking tool is compatible with WPA-PSK and 802.11 WEP modules. It can crack those keys after capturing the required number of data packets. This tool works by operating through FMS attacks, PTW attacks, and KoreK attacks.

8. Maltego

If you’re working in digital forensics spectrum, Maltego could be your best friend. This advanced hacking app is very effective in assisting you while dealing with data breaches in 2020. This tool can be used to inspect and detect cyber threats through an unique perspective combined of resource and network based analysis.


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9. THC Hydra

This is a network login password cracking tool that is highly effective. THC Hydra is a stable and fast hacking tool that is why it has been labeled as one of the best hacking apps. It uses a wide range of protocols such as Databases, Mail, SMB, LDAP, SSH, VNC, and several others. This tool is capable of using brute force and dictionary attacks.
thc hydra

10. Nikto

This is an open-source and free hacking tool that helps you track and detect any type of web server vulnerabilities. The system framework of this tool scans against a huge database of more than 6,800 malicious files and programs. It also scans for configuration aspects such as HTTP server options, index files, and many more.


Final Verdict

By now, you may have learned about the 10 best hacking apps for 2020 available out there. Now, it’s time to choose which tool you’re interested in. While, hacking is a very popular profession, you still need to make sure that you don’t use for anything bad. Download any of the above-mentioned tools and start using it. If you don’t know how to use any of these tools, a simply YouTube search will do the job for you.

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