Best Game Controllers for Windows 11

In the context of online or offline PC-based gaming, there are different options available and varying gameplays for each. In that context, only focusing on the keyboard and mouse is not enough. Other elements like adding the best game controllers with top-notch speed, compatibility, stable controls, and performance are necessary.

Many games that are ported to PC from consoles have complex control systems. Controllers make it easy for gamers better to use their devices and controls from one platform.

It would be best to use software options like Avira Antivirus for efficient system scanning, driver/software updates, and system optimization. Additionally, focus on investing in a high-quality game controller for Windows 11; we discuss your options.

Best Game Controllers for Windows 11

Multiple software OEMs have created high-quality game controllers for Windows 11. We took the time to check out the different variations, judging their functionality, performance, and features. Next, you will read about the best options that we found for gamers today.

1. MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller

This particular option from Xbox assures total control over multiple types of games for users from one platform. You can expect high-quality graphics for the games you play on your PC, great audio quality, and integrated power bank support.

The quality of the visuals is HD quality, and you would get access to a wide community. During gameplay, users access a Cloud connection for better connectivity and improved user experience.


Connectivity: USB cable, Bluetooth

Battery: Integrated power bank

Weight: 445 g

Price: USD 66.93


  • Windows 11 compatibility
  • High-definition visuals
  • Textured grip
  • Effortless gameplay controls


  • High-quality performance
  • Smooth navigations
  • Mappable buttons


  • Compatibility with some devices only
  • Complex for some beginners

2. Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller is one of the best options currently available among Windows 11 and Xbox game controllers. It has the same simplistic design as the older Xbox 360 model, with all legacy console features still available. Plus, there are enhanced features for better grip and controls during various online and offline games.

Users can connect the durable and light wireless controller with systems via Bluetooth or USB adapter or plugin using USB Type C cables.

Xbox Wireless Controller

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB cable

Battery: AA batteries

Weight: 310 g

Price: USD 70.66


  • Ergonomic grip for better gameplay
  • High-quality battery life
  • Wireless connection via USB wireless adapter or Bluetooth
  • Light build for easier grip


  • Reliable performance
  • Smooth controls
  • Widely available


  • Not many extra features are available
  • High cost

3. 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+

This particular game controller is suitable for different types of devices and OS systems, including Windows 11. Gamers can mostly play retro-style games while connecting to this game controller in different PC types. It has a classic, smooth game control design for better grip and includes modern features for optimized usability.

Users can handle different types of modern functionalities on this enhanced game controller type, like generating macros using varying button combinations.

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB cable

Battery: Li-ion battery

Weight: 222 g

Price: USD 9.99 (as an additional part)


  • PC and smartphone connectivity with Smartphone Clip
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Vibration control
  • Button mapping


  • Attractive and modern layout
  • Advanced features for trigger control
  • Versatile uses


  • Limited features
  • Some specifications are not compatible with every OS

4. PowerA Spectra

PowerA Spectra is another of the top game controllers for Windows 11 or other PC systems and gaming software. It connects via different types of wired and wireless connections like USB cables and Bluetooth connections, respectively, for optimized gaming performance.

It includes analog sticks, face buttons, and a direction pad on the surface for easier navigation with a lighting feature in translucent bands. It lights up during gaming experiences.

PowerA Spectra

Connectivity: USB Type C cable, Bluetooth

Battery: Rechargeable battery

Weight: 485 g

Price: USD 42.99


  • Rear buttons are programmable
  • Appealing RGB lighting feature
  • Dual LED modes
  • Solid build


  • Available in many locations
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable performance


  • Limited additional features
  • Not very cost-friendly

5. DualSense Wireless Controller

The DualSense Game controller with wireless compatibility is suitable for PlayStation 5 products and other PC devices. It comes with high-quality Adaptive triggers for better resistance while holding the controller in hand. The updated haptic motors also contribute to better controls during gameplay.

It has gyro aiming and an analog thumbstick layout common in Sony’s other models. However, while many benefits are available for this controller, some advanced features are not compatible with PC.

DualSense Game controller

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB cable

Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Weight: 210 g

Price:  USD 91.64


  • Gyro aiming
  • Stick layout in analog Sony style
  • Smooth resistance controls under the fingers
  • Touchpad-based controls for easier gameplay


  • Haptic Rumble
  • Adaptive triggers
  • Accuracy is high in the thumbsticks


  • Battery life is not the best
  • PC-based feature support is limited

6. Turtle Beach Recon Controller

This is one of the best game controllers that come with super-advanced benefits like Superhuman Hearing. Users can hear even the subtlest sounds during gameplay and get a better experience with this feature.

One can hear detailed sounds like weapon reloads and footfalls of enemies during FPS games and expect high-octane performance.

There are two types of mappable buttons, including one with Pro-Aim-based thumbstick sensitivity for better long-range accuracy.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Connectivity: USB cable, Bluetooth

Battery: rechargeable battery

Weight: 200 g

Price: USD 59.95


  • Sound Setting of the superhuman hearing quality
  • High personalized audio enhancements
  • Focus mode available in specialized Pro-Aim™ types
  • EQ presets of Turtle Beach Audio are available in 4 types


  • The handle surface has micro-cooling channels and an ergonomic cooling grip
  • Vibration feedback is immersive
  • Two quick-action buttons with mappable quality


  • High cost for some users
  • Sometimes usability issues are noticeable

7. SCUF Instinct Pro

SCUF Instinct Pro is one of the notable game controllers for Windows 11 that works at a top-notch performance quality among the competitors. Users can expect a lot of customization benefits while using the game controller, making functionality changes as per their comfort level.

You can avoid the rumble pack distraction with the pink pad type, and it performs well with different types of game types. It is responsive and feels comfortable in hand.

SCFU instinct pro

Connectivity: Xbox Wireless, USB Type C Cable, Bluetooth

Battery: 2x AA

Weight: 280 g

Price: USD 219.99


  • Multiple charging and connectivity options
  • Changeable thumbsticks
  • Paddle switch support
  • Faceplates are removable


  • Accurate and responsive functionality
  • Feels solid and stable in one’s hand
  • Good customization options


  • Not very cost-effective in case of extra customizations
  • It cannot be recharged

8. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The Elite Wireless Controller from Xbox Series 2 is another high-level game controller option. It comes with wireless charging benefits, which work via the docking base that is attached to pogo pins. You can easily fit the charge inside the controller’s carrying case and plug it into the PC systems.

It allows Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it one of the best game controllers for Windows 11 or any smartphone user, to give an example.

 Xbox Series 2

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB Type C cable, wireless

Battery: Rechargeable battery

Weight: 345 g

Price: USD 209.63


  • Rumble motors with modifiable motor controls
  • Strong impulse triggers
  • Manually adapt the thumbstick tension with an integrated thumbstick adjustment tool
  • Multi-device or OS connectivity


  • Comes with a 3.5 mm stereo jack (headset)
  • Internal battery that gives up to 40 hours of life
  • Easy to adjust controls


  • Limited functionality in some connections
  • Costly

9. 8Bitdo Pro 2

Another of the best game controllers available in the market is 8Bitdo Pro 2. This hardware is compatible with multiple Windows versions and even iOS and Android devices. This makes it easier for users to play games using the controller on any device. You can customize the controller for trigger and stick sensitivity for better gaming accuracy, button mapping, and vibration control.

You can also switch between multiple profiles at a time.

8bitdo pro 2

Connectivity: USB Cable, Bluetooth

Battery: Rechargeable 1000mAh Li-on battery

Weight: 228 g

Price: $49.99


  • Dual Pro buttons in a back paddle format
  • Compatible with mobile and PC-based gaming
  • Custom Profile creation and switch with 3 profile options
  • Enhanced grip for better hold


  • Multi-OS compatibility
  • Switch available in four-way mode
  • Vibration is modifiable


  • Only regular rumble feature under Pro 2 version
  • Not best for Mac users

10. SteelSeries Stratus+

Another of the best game controllers available is SteelSeries Stratus+. This one is mainly used for Android smartphone and Chromebook users, but other PC gamers can also use it. The upgraded version works well with Windows 10 and 11 and has strong sensors and controls.

The battery life is high on this game controller, giving around 90 hours of gameplay from one charge itself. The L3/R3 clickable buttons on ALPS analog-type thumbsticks here assure high controls.

 SteelSeries Stratus+

Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Weight: 244 g

Price: USD 69.99


  • Slim Phone Mount feature for easy device adjustability during gaming
  • Multi-device compatibilities like Chromebook and Android support
  • Hardware comes with Hall-Effect Triggers and ALPS thumbsticks
  • Fast charge feature during mobile gameplay


  • Strong performance
  • Long-term battery life of 90+ hours
  • Connectivity is possible with Chromebook/Android as well


  • Only USB-C to USB-A wired cable connection is possible
  • High cost for some users


For an optimized gaming experience, any of the 10 mentioned options are the best game controllers for Windows 11. You can use SteelSeries Stratus+ for optimized gameplay or Xbox Core Controller for high-definition game types and expect other benefits as well. On the side, download and use MiniTool Partition Wizard for multiple levels of hardware/software protection and partition/disk management benefits.

If you found this helpful, check out our other posts as well.

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