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The 20 Best Free Video & Screen Recorder Software 2019

best free screen recorder

When you have a computer, regardless of what operating system it runs on, you can do so many things with it. A computer lets you perform several operations such as playing music, videos, and games. You can also surf the internet through your computer seamlessly. But, if you want to do something more, it happily lets you. For instance, you can code and build programs, automate many of your digital activities, practice your studies, and many more.

If you go further and land your eye on advanced stuff, you may need to some tools for it. With a computer, you not only can experience several things, but also share them to others. If you want to help your friend with a software, you can simply record your screen, operating the program and send it to them. Sounds great, right?! But, to do that, you will have to install the best video & screen recording software for PC (Windows and Mac). Don’t you worry about that, as we’ve carefully compiled a well-thought list of such software programs you should use in 2019.

Best Free Video & Screen Recorder Software For Windows

DVD VideoSoft Free Screen Recorder
Icecream Screen Recorder
iSpring Free Cam
Flashback Express

Best Free Video & Screen Recorder Software For Mac

OBS Studio
Quicktime Player
Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder
Recordit – Instant Screencasts
Screen Recorder Robot Lite

Best Free Video & Screen Recorder Software for Windows

While amassing this list, we’ve made sure that all the programs offer multiple features and are positively rated among the consumers. So, do keep reading and find out the best screen capturing software:

1. DVD VideoSoft Free Screen Recorder:

Coming from a reputed digital brand, this best screen recording software for Windows 7 offers you several useful features. With this program, you can seamlessly record pretty much anything on your screen. It lets you record and make a video of multiple windows, menus, objects, and any other screen activities.

Even if you want to record a game or a movie, you can easily do it with this free software. Furthermore, you will also get a brief instructional guide on how to record your screen, through a step by step manual. The recorded videos can be saved in multiple formats including, but not limited to, JPG, AVI, PNG, GIF, and many more.


DVD VideoSoft Free Screen Recorder


Download Here

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2. Ezvid

The world’s first ever Video Wiki has published their free screen recording program. Ezvid is full of premium features you can enjoy absolutely free of cost. This tool also provides you many bonus features such as the ability to add subtitles. It also comes with a ton of video edition settings, with which you can make your recorded video a flawless one.

If you want to upload your video to websites such as YouTube, you can freely do it with this program. Ezvid utilizes the processing power of your computer to enhance the process of recording and editing. Additionally, you can also enjoy voice synthesis and facecam features as well.




Download Here

3. CamStudio:

An open source free video & screen recorder tool, CamStudio has always been a pioneer in the industry. It’s an extremely lightweight software that takes very little amount of a computer’s resources. CamStudio is packed up with in-built help files, which will make your life easier, by teaching you how to use the program properly to record your screen.

Furthermore, the file size of the recorded video is also very smaller, when compared to others. But, the quality is not going to be compromised, thanks to the sophisticated algorithm of this program. You can also add screen captions to the videos as well. If you like to record your screen through picture-in-picture mode, this tool lets you do it easily.



Download Here

4. TinyTake:

For those of you who’re looking for a video & screen recorder software for Windows, which also lets you share the videos to your social media accounts, TinyTake is the way to go. This free program enables you record any of your screen activity without any hassles. Furthermore, you will also be able to annotate the videos with the help of the in-built annotator.

This tool helps you add graphics from your local storage to your videos and annotate them. The program is very easy to download and install, and much easier to use, even for the beginners. Even though this is a free software, you can get extra features if you’re okay with paying a little fee.



Download Here

5. Icecream Screen Recorder:

For professional purposes, Icecream screen could be a great choice. It offers a great deal of features that are very unique and advanced. First and foremost, the program is extremely easy to use, as it’s specifically built to assist to swift video recording purposes. You can record your screen in two different modes, which are, video and graphic screenshot.

The tool gives you enormous ability to record almost any screen activity, such as, games, webinars, Skype chats, and many more. Additionally, it also helps you outline, draw, or add text and arrows on your recordings. You will also be able to record screen along with webcam recording. The zoom tool accommodates you to zoom in and out while recording.

icecream screen recorder


  Download Here

6. SmartPixel:

Usually, gamers love to record their gaming sessions and share them with their friends and followers. SmartPixel is especially designed for the gamers, who like to record their gameplays. This program is backed by a sophisticated framework, which enables it to record high definition screen capturing videos. The advanced compression technology helps you in recording HD videos which don’t occupy a lot of space.

The recording process is also very smooth, so that it doesn’t interrupt with your games. It also has a picture-in-picture recording feature, which lets you simultaneously record your screen and webcam as well. Finally, SmartPixel also has a vast set of editing features such as dubbing, clipping, merging, and several others.



Download Here

7. Screencast-O-Matic:

To record screen on PC without any lag, you will have to use a simple yet effective program that offers all the necessary features. Screencast-O-Matic is such a program that is being used by millions of users around the world. This tool lets you choose the resolution of the video as well. In addition to that, you record audio along with your screen, if you like to narrate anything.

The software also enables you to upload your video & screen recordings to YouTube directly, so that you can publish it to your channel. If you prefer the other way, you can always upload the videos to the program’s official free server.

screencast o matic


Download Here

8. Camtasia:

This advanced tool is being hailed as one of the best free video & screen recorder software for Windows 10, for its wide range of features and seamless functionality. It not only lets you record any of your screen activity, but also enables you to import high definite videos from external source and embed into your screen recording.

Camtasia is not your ordinary screen recorder program, as it is capable of creating screen recording videos with clickable links as well. It also comes with a green screen effect as well. Moreover, this program also helps you incorporate callouts, scrolling texts, and similar other animated items. It is also compatible with Google drive integration.



Download Here

9. iSpring Free Cam:

A completely free program that lets you record screen on desktop, iSpring Free Cam comes with user-friendly interface, smooth recording mechanism, and a bunch of useful features. With this free tool, the user gets to access different types of edition tools.

You will be able to easily delete unnecessary fragments of a video with this program. In addition to that, the tool also helps you get rid of annoying background noise as well. Adding audio effects to your screen recordings can also be done with this software. You can save your screen recording videos in either WMV format or upload them directly to your YouTube account.

ispring free cam


Download Here

10. Flashback Express:

For those of who’re looking for a program to record video & screen on PC, with little to no effort, Flashback Express is the way to go. The best thing about this tool is, it doesn’t limit you on the time duration of your recordings. You will be able to record your screen and webcam feed as well.

The ability to add audio through microphone is also embedded into this software. Furthermore, you can also schedule it to record and stop at specific times. This free tool lets you synchronize external audio clips to your recording videos. Overall, this is a perfect screen recorder that fulfils almost all your needs.

flashback express


Download Here

Best Free Video & Screen Recorder Software for Mac

Since you’ve just learned about the 10 best free video & screen recorders software for Windows, it’s now the time for you to discover the tools for the Mac. So, continue reading to do so:

1. Monosnap:

Why don’t we kick-start this list with one of the simplest yet highly efficient video & screen recorder software for Mac?! Well yes, Monosnap offers you a lot of flexibility in recording your screen. You can choose to either record your screen or take screenshots of your screen activity as well. Additionally, you will also be able to record your webcam feed as well.

Along with such wonderful features, Monosnap also lets you record your audio, either through your system sound or microphone. This screen recorder program has the ability to record your screen in 60 fps, which means that you can easily record, even if you’re playing high-end games, which consume higher frame rates.



Download Here

2. Jing:

Developed and published by Techsmith, Jing is a highly popular video & screen recording software for Mac. Basically, the program comes with a sun icon, that is movable, and can be placed anywhere on the screen. Whenever you want to use this took, you can simply click on that icon and access the functionality of Jing. This free software enables you to take screenshots and record your screen with ease.

You will also be able to edit those screenshots and screen recorded videos easily. But, there’s a limitation here, which is, you can only be able to record your screen up to 5 minutes.



Download Here

3. OBS Studio:

One more free software to record screen desktop Mac is, OBS Studio. This program lets you record all your real-time screen activities seamlessly. It also lets you create and publish live stream videos as well. With OBS Studio, you can also embed your existing videos into your recorded videos too.

However, the user interface is a bit clumsy, which is why, you would need a couple of sessions to get used to it. It also has a Studio Mode, where you can access a lot of other bonus features, which are quite unique and new in the industry.

OBS Studio


Download Here

4. Quicktime Player:

This program has been labeled as one of the best free screen & video recorder for Mac, as it carries a lot of effective features with it. It not only serves you as a screen recording program, but also as a media player as well. Quicktime Player has one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there.

This program allows you to record your screen without any mishaps. Additionally, you will also be able to record your webcam feed as well. It also lets your record your iPhone interface too. With this tool, you can record anything by simply following the on-screen instructions.



Download Here

5. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder:

For those of you who’re searching for a premium screen capturing software, which is also available free of cost, Apowersoft could be a great option. With this program, you will have a seamless access to a number of powerful screen capturing features. Regardless of what you have on your screen, this tool will help you record it easily.

Furthermore, you can also incorporate audio either through your microphone or system sound. Apowersoft screen recorder is the perfect choice for power users, who usually record their business meetings, gaming sessions, or any other similar activity.



Download Here

6. Recordit – Instant Screencasts:

If you’re looking for a simple yet very useful software to record screen on Mac, Recordit can help you. With a four star rating on the official App Store, this program lets you effortlessly record your screen. You will have the ability to choose recording either in a video format or a GIF format.

However, this tool is limited in a couple of aspect. First, you can’t record and synchronize audio. The second is, you won’t be able to record your screen for more than five minutes. If you’re okay with both these limitations, Recordit is a perfect solution for you.



Download Here

7. ActivePresenter:

This relatively newcomer program has been able to garner quite an amount of positive ratings from the users. ActivePresenter is a free video & screen capturing program, with which you can perfectly record any of your Mac’s screen activities. You can easily capture a full motion video of your screen. Plus, you can also record and sync audio as well.

Furthermore, this free Mac software offers you several additional tools such as zoom-n-pan, shapes, closed captions, and many others. But, this program watermarks your screen recording, if you’re a free user. For more features, you can buy the subscription and become a premium member.



Download Here

8. Screen Recorder Robot Lite:

A screen capturing software that comes with a super easy user-interface and impeccable functionality, Screen Recorder Robot Lite lets you enjoy free screen capturing on your Mac. Unlike several other programs, this tool doesn’t add any type of watermarks to your recordings, even if you’re a free user.

Furthermore, it also allows you access to several editing features, with which you can easily perfect your screen recordings. However, you can record your screen for a minimum duration of 200 seconds and maximum duration of 600 seconds.

screen recorder robot lite


Download Here

9. QuickCast:

You can record screen on desktop Mac, with ease, by using the QuickCast screen & video capture tool. This is primarily a menu bar application, which you can use at any time you would like to, since accessing it can be done with a single click.

Along with letting your record the screen, it also helps you capture your webcam feed as well. Furthermore, QuickCast will also let you synchronize audio through your microphone too. However, it limits your screen recordings to either 3 minute clips of 5 minute clips.



Download Here

10. VLC:

Many of may get surprised by seeing this name, but, VLC is indeed a great option to record screen on Mac. For those of you looking for a simply yet useful screen capturing tool for Mac, VLC can serve you well.

Many people are unaware of this ability, but, to access this VLC feature, File menu and then Open Capture Device. After doing so, make sure that change the source selection to the screen. This tool lets you access audio input settings, frame rate preferences, many more.



Download Here


Congratulations for making this far, reading about the 20 best free video & screen recording software for PC (Windows and Mac). Each software offers both standard features and some specials as well. So, make your decision and download the right tool, based on your requirements and preferences in 2019. If you have got any doubts or opinions regarding this, please free to comment below.

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