The 10 Best Free Coding Games of 2024

Best Free Coding Games

Last updated on September 5th, 2023 at 3:47 pm


Kids may learn to code entertainingly thanks to the experiential learning opportunities provided by online coding tools. Educational institutions have gone far as to advocate for more usage of video games in the classroom. Kids-friendly coding games and programs for Android and iPhone systems can help teach kids the basics of programming from a young age.

So, let’s take a look at a number of the most popular kids’ coding apps available right now so your child can learn how to write code while having fun. See our ranking of the top coding applications for beginners on iOS and Android in 2023, including free and paid options.

How Free Coding Games Help Kids Learn Coding in Advance?

Kids may use coding apps to learn all kinds of various programming languages as well as coding fundamentals. Kids may sharpen their problem-solving abilities, increase their understanding of programming principles, and have fun while learning using coding games.

While a coding game undoubtedly will not teach your children everything they must understand about coding, these free, enjoyable games are an incredibly amazing way to practice the concepts they are learning.

However, numerous online courses instruct children in coding and offer the structure they require to learn while remaining flexible and sufficient to meet the needs of contemporary families. There are many possibilities for lessons. However, there also exist a ton of free games, applications, websites, and other tools that aid in teaching youngsters how to code.

Continue reading to learn more about introducing your children to computer programming and about free tools that might be useful to you.

10 Best Free Coding Games For 2024

Coding programs are available for kids of all ages, providing engaging and innovative methods to learn this crucial skill. Free and paid software is available, from fully functional coding solutions to logic games, so there should be something to meet the needs of every youngster.

School systems have even gone so far as to support using video games in classes more frequently. Children may learn the fundamentals of programming at an early age with the aid of kid-friendly coding games and apps for Android and iPhone devices. Let us look at a couple of the top coding programs for kids to help them hone their coding skills and unleash their ideas.

1. Algo City

By exploring the enjoyable and artistically beautiful 3D game Algorithm City, kids may become familiar with the foundations of programming. Its 8-bit style is comparable to the well-known gaming experience of Monument Valley. The game’s introduction goes into great length about its fundamental concepts. The game purposely included these little elements to spark children’s creativity.

Algo City


  • The educational Chapter’s six levels provide instructions on doing our tasks.
  • The Simple Chapter on Level 15 introduces the basics of coding.
  • Using characteristics, the 15-level “Regular Chapter” generates loops.
  • The Challenging Chapter’s 15 levels impart activities.


  • It leverages the popular coding language C#
  • It is a free application that gaming industry experts use.
  • Small class sizes and top-notch instructors are both norms.


  • You must choose a time that accommodates your schedule.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android

2. SoloLearn

SoloLearn offers a full curriculum that handles a range of programming languages, including C, JaveScript, C++, Xhtml, Php, CSS, and more, thanks to its extensive library of coding resources. Whatever level of prior coding experience your child has, SoloLearn has an instructional system that will meet their requirements and keep them engaged throughout the lessons.



  • A wide range of programming subjects
  • Individual competition
  • A growing learning community
  • Certifications for all courses


  • Users may make their games, images, and other content.
  • You may show off your creations to your loved ones.
  • Very flexible to a wide range of possibilities


  • It might not be easy to write programs in assembly language.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS

3. CodeSpark Academy

The coding program CodeSpark Academy is suitable for kids ages 4 to 10. It uses a clear and simple block-based coding language. CodeSpark Academy allows kids to create games, animations, and stories. To help pupils improve their problem-solving skills, it also offers a range of coding activities and riddles. With CodeSpark Academy, kids can learn the basics of programming in a fun and interesting way.

CodeSpark Academy


  • Activities that are interesting for learning
  • Daily tasks may be personalized
  • There are also intricate creative projects, fascinating riddles
  • Support for three separate child profiles.


  • Uses all popular scripting languages.
  • The iPad has a full-featured code editor, among other capabilities.
  • It offers shortcuts to make tablet coding easier.


  • Not a game; mostly for individuals who are accustomed to coding.

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases ranging from $7.99 to $119.99

Compatibility: Android and iOS

4. Code Karts

Children between the ages of four and ten may learn how to code with the app Code Karts. Kids of all ages can quickly learn the basics of programming with the help of this graphic coding tool. The kid-friendly coding program makes use of a scenario that is similar to a game. A series of courses in the program exposes kids gradually to coding ideas like loops, variables, and conditions.

 Code Karts


  • From age 4, the user interface is incredibly kid-friendly. 
  • It also helps with logic, problem-solving, and the sequencing process.
  • Collect coins that you can use to customize your car.
  • There are 95 stages and nine more races in the Complete Game edition.


  • The whole version contains a ton of content
  • A fun racing car theme.
  • It is very easy to master.


  • Additional levels following the first ten need payment.

Pricing: Free with an in-app purchase of $1.99

Compatibility: Android and iOS

5. Lightbot

If you are looking for programming software to keep your child’s attention and provide them a challenging yet exciting experience, go nowhere else than this application. But do not let the adorable graphics mislead you; despite its complicated and fascinating work, this program is great for youngsters keen to improve their coding skills.



  • Multiple players can each move forward while saving space at their speed
  • Lightbot’s independent tracking of advancement and its many save points.
  • Additionally, you can compare your rating based on the number of stages you have finished, the number of points you got, and the thorough instructions you followed when playing the game.
  • The charming cartoon robots and enjoyable puzzle-solving will appeal to children.


  • Each level becomes harder
  • There are multiple levels to play on.
  • The game is very amusing.


  • Programming in assembly language may be challenging.
  • The cost of the computerized version is higher.

Pricing: $2.99

Compatibility: iOS

6. HopScotch

Are you looking for kid-friendly coding software that effectively integrates technology and the arts? You require the game of hopscotch. With the assistance of this application, kids may digitally manipulate and command a range of visuals, patterns, and numbers.

There is much more to Hopscotch than just amusing software. Due to its drag-and-drop interface, children may learn the basics of coding without worrying about the complex grammar of advanced programming systems.



  • Children’s programming
  • A huge population of students
  • The ability to change and adjust any project
  • A positive user experience.


  • Users may create games, images, and other types of material.
  • You may display your works to the people you love.
  • Extremely adaptable with countless choices


  • Children that need more structure should not utilize it due to its open character.

Pricing: Free with a subscription of $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

Compatibility: iOS

7. Scratch Jr

In 2003, MIT instructors and pupils developed Scratch, the most popular coding program for children. Since then, it has helped kids between the ages of five and sixteen learn the basics of coding in a fun and engaging way. Due to the absence of difficult syntax or jargon, kids can better comprehend fundamental coding ideas.

 Scratch Jr


  • By connecting graphic programming blocks, kids can create characters to sing, leap, and move.
  • Using the paint editor, children may alter the appearance of characters, give them accents and sounds, and even add images of themselves.
  • Young children (between the ages of 5 and 7) may create interactive stories using the starter scripting language ScratchJr.
  • Scratch is different from other coding tools in that it builds logical relationships using visual bricks that are easy to drag and drop across a surface.


  • It proceeds to utilize the entire scratch after learning the essentials
  • Very user-friendly
  • Entertaining UI.


  • Fewer settings than the default Scratch

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS


This is one of the best free coding tools for kids and is suitable for all users. Mimo’s daily coding lessons allow kids to learn key coding topics independently. They can monitor their progress and modify their plan thanks to real-time data. By compiling and running your child’s code, Mimo distinguishes itself from other coding software and gives them practical programming skills.



  • Contains lessons on Python, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML,
  • Also contains other well-known languages for programming.
  • Creates individualized bite-sized exercises with a decent selection of science-based activities
  • Instantaneous feedback


  • Short challenges for five minutes
  • Contains several different programming languages
  • Cost-free with in-app purchases


  • Activities do not deal with more complicated problems.
  • Working on real-world applications may enhance learning.

Pricing: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS

9. Kodable

One of the top free coding applications for kids is Kodable. It distinguishes itself from its competitors by imparting fundamental concepts of coding logic and JavaScript, a straightforward scripting language. It can serve as a reference for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. Another remarkable aspect of Kodable is its simple migration to the internet-based CodeHS, a partner product.



  • The use of object-oriented programming,
  • There are also string, integer, and array variables, order/sequence of operations,
  • It contains temporary logical statements


  • It is highly amusing and provides a range of issues.
  • Fantastic puzzle adventure with a simple concept
  • The ability to create your riddles lends the game an element of socialization.


  • The browser-based version is free, but additional puzzles are only accessible for purchase on iOS.

Pricing: Free with a subscription that ranges from $7.99 to $119.99

Compatibility: iOS

10. Tynker

The web-based learning application and elementary school curriculum called Tynker include a cutting-edge programming tool for kids. Unlike other software for coding that focuses on teaching the fundamentals, it begins with the basics and gradually covers more difficult concepts. Additionally, by selecting from various paid and free levels, parents can customize the educational experience for their kids to suit their needs and monetary resources.



  • It is a virtual device and a real robot powered by code.
  • To keep kids engaged, it has a distinctive personality.
  • Tynker is designed to take kids on a comprehensive educational journey.
  • Javascript, Swift, and Python.


  • Real-time education,
  • Small class sizes,
  • Entertaining projects


  • Picking a time that works with your schedule will be helpful.

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $95.99

Compatibility: Android and iOS


Learning new skills like coding and programming through video games and personalization is beneficial. Coding games encourage learning by presenting fresh information and challenges, which helps students retain what they have learned more effectively. The abundance of top coding games for kids available on apps for Android and iOS indicates the rising popularity of coding.

It may be fun and rewarding to encourage your child to learn programming. With the right software for coding or game, your child might have a solid foundation in programming. You can get the best software for your child by using our list of the best coding games for kids on iphone and Android.

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