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In many companies, professionals utilize Excel regularly for varying types of documentation. From organizing specific calculations to collaborative data record keeping, Excel sheets are important for people to track changes and keep notes.

However, the software does not allow easy sharing, especially when you are using the native app on the desktop. In the corporate ecosystem, users also need more formal and high-quality documentation management help. So, it would help if you used an Excel to PDF converter to change these files and share that with others.

Best Options for Excel to PDF Converter to Try in 2023

There are multiple options available for high-quality Excel to PDF conversion online. These tools are accessible on different device types and have additional features to make the conversion process smoother. Here are the other apps you can utilize for this function.

1. PDFelement


Another best Excel to PDF converter to consider is the Wondershare PDFelement app. The native software is available for Windows and Mac users to try out for quick and instant document conversion processes.

Users can add different types of file formats in their preferred option. Plus, users can edit the content here, making this converter the best choice for many people.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Price: Quarterly- USD 79.99, Annual- USD 109.99, Perpetual- USD 129.99

Best Features:

  • Over 20+ formats are supported for quick conversion.
  • Edit text and other elements in the file before conversion.
  • Batch Processing is supported for the conversion process.
  • Easily translate text characters as well.

Where to Download or Use: official website

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Regarding PSF viewing or conversion, Adobe Acrobat is easily one of the most powerful examples. It is easy to access and view different types of documents here, including Excel files.

Then, you can convert the files into high-quality PDF documents with the software.

Compatibility: web-based, Mac, Windows

Price: Free, Adobe Acrobat DC- USD 19.54 per month

Best Features:

  • Supports different format types.
  • Import files from any storage location, like a cloud platform, device, or other saving sources.
  • Easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Easier access to other Adobe editing functions.

Where to Download or Use: Online conversion tool

3. SmallPDF


SmallPDF is a suitable online conversion tool for fast and high-quality file conversion for any sized document. You can access the online platforms and quickly upload your Excel spreadsheet into the platform, regardless of the device type.

The functionality of the tool works smoothly in any operating system on which you use it.

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux

Price: Free, Pro- USD 9 per month, Team- USD 7 per month, Business- Custom pricing

Best Features:

  • The automatic and quick conversion process.
  • The cloud-based conversion process.
  • One-click integration for creating new PDF files.
  • Avoids keeping the files in the servers to assure data safety and privacy.

Where to Download or Use: Online conversion tool

4. DocFly


DocFly users can also use the online platform on browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and more. Then, you can convert your files, like Excel spreadsheets, into PDF files with simple taps on the platform.

The process does not take long to complete, which is useful for people who want quick conversion support for the files. However, remember that only 3 documents are allowed to export each month after conversion.

Compatibility: web-based

Price: Free

Best Features:

  • The instant conversion process for multiple file types.
  • Avoid losing documenting formatting during the conversion process.
  • Easily add from cloud platforms or devices with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • HTTPS-protected file uploading process.

Where to Download or Use: Online conversion tool

5. Excel to PDF Converter

Excel to PDF Converter

One of the best Excel to PDF-converter tools to consider is the online converter mentioned here. Users must choose their XLSX or XLS file from their device and proceed with the conversion process.

After uploading the files into the software, you can get the final PDF file in seconds to minutes. The online servers do not keep any of the data you add. So, you can use this without any privacy-related worries.

Compatibility: Web-based

Price: Free

Best Features:

  • Upload the file from your device library, URL, or cloud storage.
  • Uncapped support in terms of file size during conversion.
  • Convert multiple files in batches.
  • Automated data deletion from the services after users download their files. 

Where to Download or Use: Online converter tool

6. SodaPDF


When choosing a straightforward Excel-to-PDF converter, the SodaPDF online tool is worth mentioning. The process of using this software is extremely simple as well. You only must add the file you want to convert or choose multiple ones.

Then, convert the files in seconds and download the final file offline. If you are unsatisfied, you can tap on Start Over to redo the conversion.

Compatibility: web-based

Price: Free, Monthly Access- USD 12.03 per month, Six-Month Access- USD 7.01 per month, Yearly Access- USD 2.99 per month.

Best Features:

  • A simple drag-and-drop function adds the Excel file to the platform or directs device-based uploading.
  • Instant uploading and conversion process.
  • Batch processing is supported for changing file formats.
  • Does not store data in the connected servers, so you can use it to convert important files.

Where to Download or Use: Online conversion tool

7.  PDFCandy


You can add your spreadsheet file from different sources like cloud accounts or devices. The online tool automatically kickstarts the conversion process and finishes the transformation in some seconds to minutes, depending on file size.

You can download the final file or upload it to the cloud. Or, you can share it via QR code or URL.

Compatibility: web-based, Windows

Price: Free, desktop + web lifetime- USD 48.96, web monthly- USD 3.67 per month, web yearly- USD 2.55 per month

Best Features:

  • Access without additional registration or downloads.
  • No watermark on the converted files.
  • Single-click integration for conversion.
  • Simple sharing function in the end via URL/QR code.

Where to Download or Use: Online conversion tool

8. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor

This is one of the best Excel to PDF converter tools for users to depend on for regular Excel to PDF file conversion needs. The software is simple to use owing to its drag-and-drop functionality.

Notably, the app supports both XLSX and XLS formats for the conversion process. It instantly changes the file to PDF after pressing the option. Plus, the tool here is also simple to use for Excel to PDF conversion after an instant switch.

Compatibility: Web-based

Price: Free (trial period), Pro version- USD 16.99 per month

Best Features:

  • Users can easily scan the files on any platform.
  • Supports a wide range of formats to convert PDF files to and from here.
  • Handle reflow and reformat-based texting editing functions quickly.
  • User-friendly annotation tool available.

Where to Download or Use: Online conversion tool

9. EasePDF


EasePDF is one of the most useful online tools for quick and effortless Excel to PDF conversion. You must upload the document from your internal memory into the platform for quick conversion steps.

The tool here supports URL or cloud-based importing and exporting benefits as well.

Compatibility: web-based  

Price: Free

Best Features:

  • Multi-device and platforms are supported.
  • Share files via QR code, email, or even URL.
  • Strong security benefit with 256-bit SSL Encryption support.
  • Acceleration mode is embedded to assure fast-paced conversion processes.

Where to Download or Use: online conversion tool

10. ILovePDF


Among the online tools available for document conversions, ILovePDF is a known high-quality converter. Users can use this software for high-quality Excel to PDF conversion as well. You can use this app with limited but high-quality conversion benefits in the free version.

Compatibility: web-based 

Price: Free, Business- custom pricing, Premium- USD 6.12 per month

Best Features:

  • Add files from cloud platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive,
  • Easy conversion process with no editing required.
  • A straightforward and fast method of conversion.
  • Download three files simultaneously in the free version.

Where to Download or Use: online conversion tool


Try the tools here for quick and simple Excel to PDF file conversion. Please go through the features they possess and their uses to decide which application is the best choice for your personal conversion need. Then, choose the best Excel to PDF converter for you. Try out more than one of these to better understand how they work and your best software choice.

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