Top 10 Best ES File Explorer Alternatives In 2024

Best ES File Explorer Alternatives

Last updated on September 1st, 2023 at 2:30 pm

The most popular program among these choices has been the ES File Explorer for a long time. It is an excellent application for organizing files and programs, with many additional capabilities. This software has remained a typical pick for Android users. However, it was discovered to be installing spyware on their devices.

So, unfortunately, the Google Play Store has prohibited this popular file organizer software. Users of these applications are left with little choice but to seek alternatives due to the restriction. So, to assist you with a new file manager, we have compiled the top ES File Explorer alternatives.

Best 10 Alternatives to ES File Explorer

Many people look for alternatives because ES File Explorer is not currently accessible on the Google Play Store. So, if you’re looking for anything similar, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We will discuss some of the most excellent alternatives. Continue reading and check it out.

1. Files By Google

Files by Google is among the greatest ES File Explorer alternatives on the market, and it deserves to be. Google’s file management program is well-known for its intelligent identification of storage trash. It finds and displays the garbage files which need to be removed from the device. Aside from that, Files by Google contains all of the standard file management functionality necessary in a file manager program.

files by google

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and higher

Price: Free


  • Allows you to clear up space in a faster and simpler way.
  • Use Files to determine how much space is available.
  • Use Files to retain adequate storage to keep it working smoothly.
  • Offer recommendations for files to delete to clear space.


  • Save time and discover files more quickly.
  • Simple file managing and viewing.
  • Offline file sharing.


  • Not possible to uninstall or deactivate it.
  • Not appropriate for moving or transferring files.

2. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is the nearest competitor. It is sometimes regarded as the most acceptable option because it has nearly all of the capabilities present in the ES File Explorer. The app is free for 14 days, after which you can subscribe to a premium plan. It has a well-organized fast access panel to various files and storage devices. The software may be completely customized.

Solid Explorer

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and Web browsers

Price: 14 days free trial; Paid add-on


  • Provides access to files saved and arranges them automatically.
  • Store chosen files in a safe folder after encrypting them using powerful AES.
  • Assists you in determining which files consume the most space.
  • Major cloud providers and network protocols are supported.


  • The user interface is clean and seamless.
  • Includes SMB/FTP and dual-pane capabilities.
  • Could Integration.


  • No native players or viewers.
  • There is just a 14-day free trial.

3. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is among the other ES file explorer alternatives. It is free and has a plethora of features to meet the demands of everyone. The software enables you to browse, backup, manage and move files quickly and easily. It gives precise storage space data to aid you in keeping your smartphone decluttered, and its data arranged logically.

astro file manager

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Linux, Windows

Price: Free


  • Offers convenient and quick access to a variety of files and documents.
  • Assist in the removal of garbage files and other unwanted data.
  • Capacity to maintain cloud storage and synchronize data.
  • The built-in archiver supports compressing and decompressing files.


  • Sort and categorize files based on their size.
  • Free Storage Cleaner
  • Management of native and cloud storage.


  • No Customization
  • No possibility to open the directory via path.

 4. Explorer

Explorer is incredibly light and has a user interface that is both seamless and straightforward. It comes with a tabbed user interface and enables users to travel between destinations by clicking or swiping on a tab. Aside from ordinary file management, this alternative solution also enables you to manage files saved on cloud platforms like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and others.


Compatibility: All Devices

Price: Free


  • Clicking/ swiping on a tab lets you easily travel between different locales.
  • It has several themes and a built-in text editor.
  • Zip or tar files should be created and extracted.
  • In the background, conduct long-running processes (like copying or moving files).


  • Make shortcuts to files and directories.
  • Sets of customizable icons
  • Provides a search function


  • Fueled by advertisements.
  • Sometimes, specific icons seem hazy.

5. FileMaster

If you’re seeking all-in-one system and file management applications for your smartphone, FileMaster is the solution. It can assist you in quickly optimizing your smartphone. This ES file manager alternative may help you improve your phone with its effective app manager, junk cleaner, CPU cooler, and vital file management. It also includes a file transfer tool.


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows 7/8/10

Price: Free


  • To restore space, it clears the apps and system cache junk files.
  • Remove any leftover garbage files from removed programs.
  • Cool the CPU by detecting and closing programs that may cause temperature rises.
  • Automatically scan running applications, memory card contents, and other apps.


  • Increases processing speed.
  • All files are categorized.
  • Battery saver to analyze battery use.


  • Takes a long time to display the contents of the folder.
  • Display several advertisements.

 6. MiXplorer Silver File Manager

MiXplorer Silver File Manager is among the few popular file managers with a plethora of functionality. In addition, it offers so many capabilities that even users who have been using ES File Explorer for decades may become overwhelmed. It includes a contemporary user interface, including a fantastic bottom-bar panel. You may use new files or folders to make multitask and tabs.


Compatibility: Windows 7/8/9, Mac, Android

Price: $5.50


  • The dual-panel allows you to transition between two jobs smoothly.
  • It can compress and unzip files and supports various file types.
  • You may also connect to the root directory and use cloud services.
  • Added support for the FTP and SMB protocols.


  • The user interface is simple and full of features.
  • FTP or SMB support is provided.
  • Cloud integration and dual-paneling.


  • Sometimes loading issues occur.
  • In-app purchases.

 7. Amaze File Manager

The makers of Amaze File Manager built it with the simplicity of use in consideration. It is a 100% free app with no advertisements. You may examine files in grid or list format and execute simple operations. Cut, delete, copy, compress, extract, and other basic features are conveniently available. Plus, it can extract and compress files. There are several themes with their own set of fascinating icons.

amaze file manager

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free


  • Enables you to backup and remove applications.
  • Allows you to rush across various storage media and directories.
  • Provides FTPS and FTP support
  • Work on many tabs simultaneously and support for drag-and-drop motions.


  • Open Source, sleek, and lightweight app.
  • Support for cloud services.
  • Cloud service assistance.


  • Often falls.
  • Slow files are moving.

8. File Commander

File Commander is among the other popular ES file explorer alternatives. It is a feature-rich file management tool. Plus, it has standard functionality like file categorization, network file sharing, cloud sync, USB OTG compatibility, file compression, and some other additional capabilities. The Premium edition includes additional features like file hiding and encryption, a storage analyzer, a recycle bin, file bookmarking, etc.

file commander

Compatibility: Android, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD.

Price: Free with ads; $29.99/ year


  • The home screen may be customized, with many pre-set categories
  • DropBox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive supported cloud services.
  • Supports USB-OTG for managing external files.
  • PC, FTPs, FTP, and remote file transfer are all supported.


  • App with several features.
  • Allows for PC file transmission.
  • Integration with the cloud.


  • Too many advertisements.
  • Transferring files takes longer.

9. Total Commander

Total Commander is among the earliest file managers for Android users. It is free of adverts and adware, making it a viable alternative to ES File Explorer. The best thing is that Total Commander is entirely free, which is incredible. The user interface is a little old-fashioned, but you get a dependable file manager that can manage everything. Plus, it may be used to access rooted system files.

totle commander

Compatibility: Android, Windows

Price: Free Mobile Version


  • Configurable button bar for performing various activities.
  • Enhancement for the visually handicapped.
  • It is compatible with rooted devices.
  • Make customizable buttons for carrying out various operations and running commands.


  • File manager that has been tried and tested
  • Brings all of the necessary characteristics
  • RAR and ZIP files are supported.


  • Sometimes it fails to copy or transfer files.
  • Custom configuration necessitates a significant amount of time.

 10. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is our last alternative to ES File Explorer with a sleek and easy-to-use material designed User Interface. The software is free to download, but an in-app payment unlocks a few extra features. Like other file management programs, FX File Explorer has the standard feature set that includes a video player, an image viewer compatibility for several file archiving, cloud services, etc.

fx file explorer

Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS.

Price: Free app with some in-app purchases.


  • Ability to access cloud sites and network with a single password.
  • Execution of shell scripts and viewing of binary (hex) files.
  • Support for remote file transmission and cloud storage.
  • Using a web browser, you may transmit and handle files and documents.


  • It conveniently categorizes the device’s storage.
  • The home screen may be personalized.
  • Capabilities for cloud access


  • Incapable of locating a way to SMB server.
  • It had a more excellent design before the Material Design revamp.


ES File Explorer is a fantastic program, so finding the best alternatives might be complex. However, the 10 alternatives mentioned above were among the finest to consider. You may use these applications to manage your files and papers while also using the capabilities. In our opinion, “Files by Google” and “File commander” are two of the most excellent solutions.

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