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The gaming craze is increasing like never before. Many video gamers have started it as a hobby and now all the leading games are a part of their mobile devices, systems, laptops, etc. The main needs of the gaming include hardware that is the minimum system requirements or recommended system requirements. All the RAM and graphical capabilities increases the cost of gaming and hence the need for cloud gaming services is realized.

So, today let us bring a detailed list of the top and best services that offer the power of cloud gaming. The unlimited gaming capabilities of the cloud ensure seamless gaming and game streams. The additional software like EaseUS ensures you get the optimized space on your system while using the power of these gaming services.

Why Do You Need Cloud Gaming Services?

If you want to play games effortlessly, cloud gaming services are ideal solutions that use high-end graphical memory of different servers. All game frames get directly streamed to the device using a high-speed internet connection. These are the customer-centric products that stream any game from different categories.

Let us have a close look at the top and best cloud gaming services including basic details, advantages, and possible issues.

1. Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud)

Standing at the topmost position in our list of the top cloud gaming services, Xbox cloud gaming is the brainchild of the technical giant Microsoft. The associated access to the Microsoft Xbox’s Game Pass offers quick access to large volumes of high-quality and triple-A titles. It is available on a subscription basis and hence eliminates the need of buying costly hardware supporting high-end games. Further, the company is planning to add updates to the existing feature list.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud)

Compatibility: Android, Windows 10, Xbox

Price: $14.99 per month


  • Microsoft has started sending xCloud early-access invitations for system users.
  • Some of the popular games included are Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Star Wars-related titles, Grand Theft Auto V, DOOM Eternal, etc.
  • The subscription offers quick downloading and playing outside the service based on subscription only.


  • There are options to choose from a wide collection of AAA games for free.
  • It has a low input tag.
  • It offers quick access to day-one game releases.


  • It is currently only available for Android devices and has a limited 720p quality.
  • There is no access to games outside the custom library.
  • It has one of the highest prices monthly.

2. GeForce Now

The second on our list is GeForce Now which comes as a leading cloud gaming service from NVIDIA. It is easy to connect your library with GeForce Now account to play any game that you wish to. The minimum input lag and the high-quality resolutions make it a preferred choice for professional gamers. The variations in the settings and different subscription models ensure that gamers can get the best matching solution according to their needs.

GeForce Now

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, MAC.

Price: Basic Free


  • It has one of the top visual quality as it supports 1080p resolution and 60FPS that goes up to 144FPS or 4K.
  • It offers high-end speed performance using the ray tracing.
  • The gaming sessions range from one hour to six hours based on the type of subscriptions.


  • It supports ray tracing for professional gamers.
  • It offers the ultimate user experience with the high-end RTX hardware implemented in the servers.
  • Gamers can choose from different libraries like Epic, Uplay, Steam, etc.


  • There is no opportunity to enjoy free games.
  • Users often have to wait in the queues before starting the games.
  • All gaming sessions are limited only.

3. Shadow

It is the cloud gaming service offered by Blade. It is one of the popular gaming services that can compete with the services of the leading tech giants. It is one of the attractive choices of first-time gamers. It offers additional benefits of using the servers to boot up Photoshop or Premiere for using video editing features from the same servers.


Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, tvOS, and Linux

Price: $29.99 per month


  • It is equipped with GTX 1080 equivalents for supporting real-time ray tracing.
  • It can handle 1080p or 4K resolution at 144FPS gameplay and offer maxed-out settings.
  • It offers additional features like complete remote access to the servers.


  • It is one of the preferred choices of first-time gamers that want a basic gaming service for their hobby games.
  • It is one of the leading gaming service providers that allow full use of the server system and its capabilities.
  • It has impressive resolution and quality that goes up to 144FPS or 1080p.


  • It is difficult to identify the company’s future in gaming solutions.
  • Users outside the US can’t get access to the gaming servers due to limited availability geographically.

4. Boosteroid

It is a popular cloud gaming service based out of Romania. It enjoys more than 100,000 active players and has more than one million registered users. Multiple reviews on different online platforms ensure that this gaming service offers the promised speeds and features. Boosteroid further has collaborated with ASUS and Intel for server optimization.


Compatibility: Android, iOS

Price: $11.03 monthly


  • It offers free games including Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc.
  • It has a clean user interface that is highly responsive due to the different servers located in the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, etc.
  • It supports the streaming of 1080p at 60FPS.


  • It has low latency rates for European users and hence offers a seamless gaming experience with different subscription plans.
  • The dedicated team of the company ensures that gamers never have to worry about any technical or non-technical issues while streaming.
  • The dedicated collaboration of Boosteroid with technical giants like ASUS and Intel is the secret of the servers’ success of the company.


  • It doesn’t offer services outside the European region due to limited servers.

5. Vortex

Vortex is another good option when it comes to the affordable cloud gaming services for beginners. It offers quick access to multiple games with its multiple subscription plans. The feature-rich platform includes multiple hours of playtime with the proposed quality plan of 1080p.


Compatibility: Android, Windows, MacOS

Price: $9.99 per month


  • It allows users to access 78 games.
  • It has a high-quality 60FPS video quality with the suggested update of 1080p.
  • It is ideal for new gamers.


  • It is a decent gaming service provider that offers monthly hours limit based on the subscription plans.
  • The users can access multiple games available in the gaming service console.
  • It is one of the affordable options in the gaming services compared to the other options available in the market.


  • It doesn’t offer full HD quality.
  • The game library is not as impressive as expected.
  • Users can stream for a maximum of 50 hours monthly only.

Wrapping Up:

Hope everything is clear about the top cloud gaming services available in the market. The crisp and informative list of the top ten services ensures that you can find an ideal partner for your effortless gaming time. It is easy to pay the minimal subscription fees for these gaming services and enjoy gaming on multiple devices, zero downloads, and zero high-end costly hardware.

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