10 Best Billing and Invoicing Software in 2021

Billing and invoicing is a hard business. Creating invoices, sending them, and following up on unpaid bills can take up a lot of time. On the top, recurring bills and invoices can definitely lose you money without even realizing it. 

Billing and invoicing software are the perfect alternatives to your old accounting system. Using billing software, you can effectively process your bills and save a ton of time. Today, when you have so many offline and online invoicing software options available, automating the billing system isn’t much hard. For your further ease, we have picked the best ten invoicing software of 2021. So, let’s get started. 

10 Best Billing and Invoicing Software in 2021 — Let’s Save your Time & Money 

After trying a variety of billing and invoicing apps, we have selected the best software available in the market. To automate your invoice system, get the following software in 2021:

1. Invoicely

Software Rating: 4.7/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Linux 

User Base: 4 Million+

Ideal For: Small Businesses and Freelancers

Customer Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Starts at $9.99/month along with a free version. 

Invoicely is the best-in-class web-based billing software in 2021 for small businesses and freelancers. The software has eased the sending and receiving invoices process. You can manage your expenses and incomes, track your earnings, view activity logs, and fully automate your billing system with Invoicely. In short, for quick and easy invoicing, you can trust Invoicely. 


Versatile Features 

  • Invoicely lets you completely automate the billing and invoicing structure. 
  • You can customize invoices suiting your business requirements. 
  • With mobile payments, you can always pay on time. 
  • The software offers hourly and contingency billing options. 
  • Invoicely also supports online invoicing and payments.
  • Recurring billing features can save you lots of invoicing time. 


  • Supports multiple currencies. 
  • Free basic version for freelancers.  
  • Insightful reporting. 


  • No customization option for a free app.  
  • Time tracking is minimal. 

2. Zoho Invoice 

Software Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS 

User Base: 13 Million+

Ideal For: Small Businesses and Freelancers

Customer Support: 24*7 Live Support, Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Starts at $9/user/month along with a free version and trial. 

Zoho Invoice is the top-rated invoicing software in 2021 with a fast and easy-to-use interface. You can quickly create custom invoices, track time, and receive payments within the Zoho dashboard. It can further help you manage receivables and collaborate with your customers and employees. With Zoho, you can save time on recurring invoices with instant payment reminders. Also, Zoho mobile apps always keep you in touch with your business. 

Zoho Invoice

Versatile Features 

  • Setting multiple billing rates, you can customize your invoices in the Zoho dashboard. 
  • Automatic time capture enables to raise invoices based on an hourly rate.  
  • The billing portal helps to track all your payments. 
  • Through project tracking and billing, you can easily send invoices to clients on a project basis. 
  • Recurring expenses and payments are managed without wasting your time. 
  • Zoho payment processing is fast and simple as compared to similar tools. 


  • Visually appealing and understandable dashboard. 
  • Deep customizability. 
  • Customer portals. 
  • Good mobile app. 


  • Doesn’t support Zoho Inventory.  
  • Some functions need to be retouched. 

3. Stripe Billing 

Software Rating: 4.6/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS 

User Base: 1.96 Million+

Ideal For: All Size of Businesses with Recurring Income

Customer Support: 24*7 Live Support and Chat

Price: Starts at $0.30 on a successful charge. 

Stripe Billing is the fastest billing and invoicing app for businesses with recurring payments. If you are running a subscription-based business, you can easily generate customers’ bills with Stripe. You capture more revenue, launch a wide range of products and manage recurring payments globally with this billing software. For managing a large number of payments and promotions, Stripe is the perfect solution in 2021. 

Stripe Billing

Versatile Features 

  • When you have to generate recurring invoices, Stripe Billing provides all the essential support. 
  • From the Stripe Billing portal, you can create customizable invoices. 
  • Stripe lets you manage your payments through a native mobile app. 
  • Online invoicing and payments are possible with the Stripe invoicing solution. 
  • You can make or accept international payments with Stripe’s multiple currencies support. 
  • With subscription plan management, you can seamlessly manage a large number of subscriptions. 
  • Stripe’s special features are hourly billing, contingency billing, and dunning management. 


  • Super easy to run and use. 
  • Helpful tutorials and forums. 
  • Reputable portal to receive payments. 


  • You can lose control over recurring transactions.  
  • Hard to implement for new users. 

4. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Mac, Windows, Linux 

User Base: 2 Million+

Ideal For: All Size of Businesses 

Customer Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Starts at $8/month along with 30 days free trial.  

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a robust accounting and business management solution for everyone. Whether you want to streamline invoicing systems or inventory management, QBD can help you with everything. This billing software in 2021 can let you real-time track and control your invoices with ease. 


Versatile Features 

  • Automate your accounts payable and receivable services. 
  • Aging tracking helps you track all your invoices’ maturity dates. 
  • Through audit trailing, you can keep an eagle eye view of your payments. 
  • From the billing portal, you can organize and manage all your invoices. 
  • QuickBooks is the most popular accounting solution with bid management, bookkeeping integration, budgeting, forecasting, and many other features.  


  • Dynamic user interface. 
  • Good support resources. 


  • Expensive tool. 
  • Invoices not thoroughly customizable. 

5. YayPay 

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud and Web 

User Base: 3,000+

Ideal For: Midsize Enterprises 

Customer Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Not disclosed by the vendor. 

YayPay is a complete accounts receivable and payable automation system that enables fast money collection and management. This billing software lets you automate workflows, run predictive analysis, and create a customer payment portal. The software claims that it can 3x increase your accounting team’s efficiency and reduce 30% of DSO. YayPay can streamline the collection process, mitigate risk and boost up the invoice management system. 


Versatile Features 

  • YayPay account alerts never let you miss a payment. 
  • You can schedule callbacks with YayPay if you ever miss a call from customers. 
  • Collection management features help to collect all pending invoices on time. 
  • Automated billing and invoicing dashboard simplify the process of handling multiple payments simultaneously. 
  • Credit reporting allows you to never over-exploit your credit limits. 
  • You can fully customize invoices with your brand logo, name, taglines, etc. 


  • Ease to use and access. 
  • Very fast and simple. 
  • Agile customer support solution. 
  • It saves a lot of invoicing time. 


  • Recurring problems with PDF invoices.
  • Integration needs improvement. 

6. AvidXchange

Software Rating: 4.5/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud and Web 

User Base: N/A

Ideal For: B2B Industry 

Customer Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Starts at $0.01. 

AvidXchange is the beer invoicing software in 2021 for midsize businesses that want more value at less cost. The tool can fully automate your accounts payable and receivable systems. By eliminating paper-based accounting, AvidXchange reduces security, operational costs, and manual recording errors. You can also manage invoices, automate approvals or digitally transform your exciting billing process with this tool. 


Versatile Features 

  • Approval process control and workflow empower fast-track billing processes.  
  • Billing and invoicing structure can be automated as per your business scale. 
  • From check writing to printing, you can do everything within the software. 
  • Budget forecasting helps in controlling your expenses. 
  • Using this online invoicing software, you can get multi-currency and fraud detection support.  
  • Digital fund transfer is secure and safe with this program.  


  • Very easy to set up. 
  • Great customer service. 
  • Simple documentation to learn. 


  • Invoices often get in random queues. 
  • Fraud control can be better. 

7. Wave Accounting 

Software Rating: 4.4/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS 

User Base: 3.5 Million+

Ideal For: Small Businesses and Freelancers

Customer Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Free 

Wave Accounting is a 100% free invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning software. The cloud-based invoicing software can let you access your data from anywhere and anytime. All your double-entry system hassle will disappear with instant invoicing, receipt scanning, payment processing, and payroll features

Wave Accounting

Versatile Features 

  • CPA firms and government organizations can use Wave to automate fund accounting. 
  • Small businesses can experience seamless accounts payable and receivable services.  
  • Without any technical support, you can reconcile bank statements, manage cash, budget, and forecast. 


  • Free.
  • Supports double-entry accounting. 
  • Excellent invoice and transaction management. 


  • Not strong invoice customization. 
  • No comprehensive mobile app.
  • Receipts by Wave app unavailable on Android.

8. Emburse Chrome River INVOICE

Software Rating: 4.3/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS 

User Base: N/A 

Ideal For: Midsize Companies 

Customer Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Not disclosed by the vendor. 

Emburse Chrome River INVOICE is a leading billing and invoicing app in 2021 that can quickly capture, store, match and approve invoices. You can easily get rid of your paper-based invoices and seamlessly automate with Chrome River. You can gain maximum efficiency, visibility, and agility in your invoicing system with this program. To ditch your traditional billing system with ease, you can try Emburse Chrome River INVOICE. 

Emburse Chrome River

Versatile Features 

  • With approval process control, you can effortlessly control your different invoices. 
  • Duplicate payment alerts ensure that you never overpay your bills. 
  • Automatic invoicing can help to build cordial relationships with your suppliers and customers. 
  • You can scale up your business with multi-currency support. 
  • Online invoice generation and payment processing are possible with the tool.  


  • Smooth integration with other accounting software. 
  • Snap and send receipts for expenses. 
  • Audit trail tracking. 


  • Poor ad hoc reporting. 
  • A lot of training required. 

9. Invoice2Go

Software Rating: 3.8/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS 

User Base: 200,000+

Ideal For: Freelancers and Independent Contractors 

Customer Support: Email, Phone, or Chat 

Price: Starts at $4.99/feature/month along with a free trial. 

Invoice2Go is a splendid billing and invoicing app to send professional invoices. You can easily create invoices within a few clicks, accept payment online and generate insightful reports. Additionally, Invoice2Go is loaded with the features like appointment scheduling, expense tracking, time tracking, and so much more. 


Versatile Features 

  • For customizable branding, Invoice2Go is an ideal tool. 
  • The software can provide an automatic quote on your behalf.  
  • The cash transactions management system is very powerful.  
  • Through clients port, you can anytime check the status of your invoices. 
  • You can also add multiple digital signatures to your invoices. 
  • Additionally, you can thoroughly customize your invoices suiting your business needs. 


  • Easy to use and navigate. 
  • Install invoice notifications. 
  • Affordable invoicing solution. 


  • Doesn’t offer optical character recognition. 
  • Confusing billing structure. 

10. Sage 50cloud

Software Rating: 3.7/5

Compatible Platforms: Cloud, Web, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS 

User Base: 6.1 Million+

Ideal For: Small and Medium Businesses 

Customer Support: Email, Phone or Chat 

Price: Starts at $465.95/year along with a free trial. 

Sage 50cloud isn’t a simple billing software. It is an out-of-the-box desktop accounting software powered with cloud and mobile access. Sage 50cloud is a solution for small businesses who want to spend less time on invoice management and more time on running their business. You can even try it free for 30 days before buying. 

Sage 50cloud

Versatile Features 

  • A complete solution to automate the accounts receivable process. 
  • Bank reconciliation can be automatically performed. 
  • CPA firms can closely monitor their clients’ expenses with it. 
  • Government and nonprofit organizations can use Sage for seamless fund accounting. 
  • Create, edit & send invoices directly from your software.
  • Track your cash flow by linking directly to your bank account, record sales and receipts in real-time.


  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Easy inventory tracking. 
  • Fully customizable. 


  • Complicated for new users. 
  • A learning curve is involved. 

Final Thoughts 

With invoicing software, you can save time, reduce your efforts and eliminate manual data-entry errors altogether. Additionally, you can streamline your accounts payable and receivable system within a few clicks. 

To gain all invoice automation benefits, you have to just get the best billing software in 2021. Our insightful invoicing software list is already so order your billing and invoicing management tool now!

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