Top and Best 5 Android Background Eraser Apps

Image editing is the primary need of content creators. Professional image editors spend hours gaining expertise in Photoshop skills for achieving image background removal. However, it required significant time and effort to master professional image editing. Not long ago when dedicated background eraser apps gained popularity in the market. These apps help content creators in quick background removal from different images without hassles.

So today, let us know all about the Android background eraser apps in this section. We’ll go through the top and best five apps available in the market for beginners and professionals. We are starting with some of the top reasons pressing the need for these apps.

Why do you need Android background eraser apps?

Before jumping to the detailed list of the top-performing Android background eraser apps, it is essential to know about the need for these apps.

Firstly, professional content creators may require background removal from the image to make it compatible with posting. It may include removing the colors and people and adding official branding items like the logo.

Secondly, social media users love to post different images image. All they need is a high-quality but practical application to remove the background from their unique clicks.

Thirdly, all the leading Android background eraser apps allow simple uploading to different social media platforms. It saves the time and money of other content creators.

Best five Android background eraser app

So, here you’re with the top and best five Android background eraser apps with detailed description:

1. PhotoRoom Studio

PhotoRoom Studio

First on our list is the PhotoRoom Studio app. It is rich in different photo editing features offering quick background removal. Many professionals use this fantastic Android app for removing backgrounds and editing images for fast uploads to other social media platforms.

It is easy for professionals to start creating an image from scratch on PhotoRoom Studio. The beginners, on the other hand, can use the existing templates available on the app. The secret of the precise background removal is the AI-powered backend technology offering quick selection, removal, changing, or retouching of background.

Not to miss are the different features of the PhotoRoom Studio app, including adjusting image brightness, contrast, and warmth. Further, it is easy for the users to apply other effects to the images, like filters and blur.

2. Background Eraser by InShot

 Background Eraser by InShot

InShot is a popular name in image editing. Hence, the background eraser by InShot comes as one of the best hot sellers of the company. This app has multiple templates offering quick background removal from the images for the required looks and feel. Some of the popular templates category in the background eraser by InShot include Nature, Social, Profile, and Professional.

Beginners and professionals can start using this app with no additional requirements. All you need to do is add a customized background from the gallery, online image, or any solid color. Once done, it is easy to add texture, nature, gradient, or landscape backgrounds to the idea. Next, users can quickly select the custom quality for the image based on the immediate requirements and start sharing it on different social media platforms.

Coming from a reputed name in the image editing industry, the background eraser app by InShot leads the game with its template range. Users love the quality management options of the app for edited images.

3. Picsart


Are you looking to erase the background from your images for creative reasons? If yes, then Picsart is the perfect Android application for you. It has a powerful AI background removal tool to remove the background from images with minimal input. It allows quick replacement of the custom image and removes and blurs the background of the picture.

The best sellers of Picsart are its select tool and ratio feature. The select tool allows the removal of specific objects from different images, like trees, buildings, or persons. The ratio feature ensures that the users can change the image dimensions according to their immediate needs.

Users love the availability of the 60 million stickers and 200 fonts for text on Picsart. It ensures that beginners and professionals can quickly remove or swap backgrounds for customized image editing.

4. Background Eraser by handyCloset

Background Eraser by handyCloset

Many people feel issues when asked to use the background eraser app on their devices due to confusing layouts. No more problems when you can go for the background eraser app by handyCloset. It has a simple format for quick image uploading from an Android device and background removal.

Are you looking for some fantastic background removal options? Go for the auto color tool of this app. It helps remove the parts of the background having similar colors to the selected color. Not only this, it is easy to go for the manual tool brush offering a selection of the parts of the background for quick removal. There is no quality loss during the background removal.

The best part of the background eraser app by handyCloset is its repair tool. It gives confidence to beginners in image editing to fix the image parts edited by mistake. Hence, background removal on different images is simplified using this app. Take advantage of the quick FAQs on the main app screen to help yourself in events of need.

5. Remove bg automatic

Remove bg automatic

Last but not least is the powerful yet straightforward background eraser app named Remove bg automatic. It is the perfect app for beginners looking for simple background removal from different images. All the tools in this app are available for easy customization to match the skills level of the users.

One of the top features of Remove bg automatic is its AI-powered Auto Cut tool. It can automatically detect and remove the background without any additional hassles. Take advantage of the quick restoration to the previous point if any mistake is made on the image.

It is easy for the remove bg automatic app users to quickly remove the existing background and apply a new one like a custom image, solid color, or gradient. Users can further add different effects like vintage looks, seasonal, and classic to the edited idea. Social media sharing of edited images is easy from the remove bg automatic app with a single app.

Wrapping up

Hope everything is clear to our readers about the different Android background eraser apps. These apps are useful for editing images easily over using extensive Photoshop skills. These apps help users professionally edit images on Android devices. These apps are rich in features offering the removal of existing backgrounds and the insertion of new ones.

Beginners and professionals can go for using these apps to create amazing content for profile photos, social media posts, and other networking websites. Make sure to notice the application of different fonts, filters, and stickers on the images. The best part is that it is easy to select any one app out of the available options based on your immediate needs.

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