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Ready to take your business to a whole new level? Advertise with TechCommuters and reach a greater global audience in the most creative way possible.

We offer a plethora of content for the tech savvy – read CEOS, entrepreneurs, managers and of course, the huge IT industry. What better way to reach them than through us?

Build your brand

Every brand has a vision, a specific audience. This means that any campaign requires custom tailored adverts and we allow you to choose any one you like. See for options below.

Global audience

Though our niche is technology, our viewers come from very different backgrounds. With the fast paced innovations in tech, everyone wants to stay updated! Such a data-drive platform gives the conversion rates you need.

Rotation timings

Our rotation timing is very precise that no viewer can miss your advertisement.

Connect to the right customer

We use an intelligent algorithm that displays advertisements based on what people have been searching for. For example, if someone had been searching for watches, then brands only promoting watches will be displayed on that IP address, for most of the time. This way, you connect to customers that are most likely to purchase your products.

Types of adverts

There are many kinds of adverts that you can employ, namely, sponsored posts, reviews, wallpapers, pop-ups, banners, etc.

Sponsored posts

If you have a tech product that you are dying for the world to know, than this is the perfect way to advertise. You may market your app or software, submit software review, etc. All you have to do is write a unique post of 700+ words and sponsor your product within the link.  We give you full rights to the post. You can send it at

Banners and their types

Banners are one of the easiest ways of catching a customer’s eye, because humans have a tendency to notice pictures first. Following are some of the types of banners.

  • Static banners – This would consist of an eye-catching image with a desirable promotion and a call-to-action.
  • Animated banners – Creative animations that engages viewers.
  • Videos – Usually a short intro video that upon clicking would provide an accurate description of your product.
  • Custom – Got a creative idea? We would like to hear about it! Click here.

Background takeover

Want the whole site to yourself? Click here and let’s talk about it!

This is one advertisement that can give amazing conversions, because what does a viewer first see? Your brand!

Guidelines on creating the right adverts

So you are confused? Not to worry. Here are some guidelines on creating the right campaign for your brand.

  • Your banners should be responsive. This means that they should be adaptable to various screen sizes. Many viewers come back to the website during their leisure time – they view on their mobiles or tablets.
  • Make sure that the images or animations speaks louder than content. This is because our minds naturally think in images and it’s the best way to connect with a viewer.
  • Don’t mention prices and disclaimers within your advertisement.
  • Your advertisement shouldn’t contain sexual, religious, political or any other discriminating content. We also don’t advertise content on drugs, alcohol or gambling


Here are the rates to advertise with us.





Content Marketing

We write a search engine optimized post for your app, software, website etc. with a link to related site/blog

1 Year


Submit Content

When you would like to submit a content with a link to your site/blog

1 Year



Size- As Discussed

30 days



Size- As Discussed

30 days


Background Take-Over

As Discussed

30 days



If you still have a question on how to advertise with us or you would like a customized advertisement, please don’t hesitate to drop in an email at We would love to hear from you!

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