10 Best Android Keyboards in 2021

10 Best Android Keyboards

Last updated on January 8th, 2021 at 4:53 pm

Android has come a long way ever since its inception a decade ago. The user interface, backend framework, and several other factors are tremendously revolutionized, thanks to the great deal of innovations that have been taking place. Among such aspects, we’ve got some of the best android keyboards now, which you can use to enhance your productivity and usability of your android devices. The stock android keyboard still is a reliable option, but the custom android keyboards can really elevate the game for you, as they offer a wide range of special features, which assist you in typing or inputting with a greater convenience.

Top 10 Android Keyboards in 2021

Gone are the days of android keyboards that offer basic typing features. Now you can perform a wide variety of activities with some of the best android keyboards. You can play games in simulation modules, type with great speeds, and many more. Continue reading about the top 10 keyboard for android phone.

AI Type Keyboard:

One of the oldest android keyboards, AI type keyboard has been offering its tremendous keyboard solutions to the masses for a long time. This app features several great features such as keyboard customization, word/phrase predictions, auto-complete, emoji, and many more. Furthermore, AI type keyboard also offers a huge collection of over 1000 themes.

AI typeGrammarly Keyboard: 

How about a keyboard for android phone that not only offers a lot of efficient features, but also corrects your grammatical errors?! Well, Grammarly is a pioneer in the grammar checking software spectrum and it has been offering an android keyboard as well for quite some time. With this app you get several features such as spelling & grammar checker, punctuation & vocabulary enhancer, smooth integration into all apps, and many more.


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Typany Keyboard:

If you’re looking for an android keyboard that offers a great deal of special features, Typany keyboard is the way to go. This app offers several effective and fun options such as Doodle, Emoji Maker, Translator, Voice Input, and many more. Additionally, Typany keyboard also provides you a great collection of stickers and GIFs.


For someone who’s looking a visually appealing keyboard for android phone, Chrooma could be the best bet. Swiping functionality, autocorrect, font customization, and several great features are being offered by this app. Chrooma changes and adapts color that suits the app you’re using at that time, Sounds fun?


Simple Keyboard:

Well, the name states it all. Simple Keyboard is indeed a very simply, lightweight and user-friendly android keyboard. With a setup file of just under 1MB, this is very easy to download, install, and use. Custom themes, adjustable keyboard size, number row, and navigation buttons are some of the great features offered by this app.

simpleMultiling O Keyboard

If you communicate with people that speak different languages, Multiling O keyboard is the way to go for you. This app supports over 200 languages. Gesture support, unlimited themes, resizable layout, calculator, autocorrect, different layout options, and several other efficient features are offered by this android keyboard app.


This is one of the widely used android keyboard apps for its customizability and security. GIF & sticker finder, text prediction, Gesture support, a huge collection of beautiful themes, multilingual typing are some of the things that you get with this app. Furthermore, Fleksy doesn’t access/read any of the things you type, making it the most private keyboard for android phone.

FleksySmart Keyboard Pro:

This android keyboard app is a very sophisticated one with advanced features. Smart Keyboard Pro offers you several features such as AutoText, Voice Input, Emoji Keyboard, Smart dictionary, gesture support, and many more. This app also supports a wide range of colorful themes as well.

smart keyboard


A simply yet elegant keyboard app built by none other than the Google itself, Gboard is a great keyboard app that offers tons of effective features. Glide typing, Emoji search, GIF support, multilingual compatibility, Google translate, and voice typing are some of the excellent features that this app offers. Additionally, you can also use the Search and Share option to find information from Google and send it through this app.


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Finally, it all comes down to the crowd-favorite android keyboard app, Swiftkey. With over a 250 million users, SwiftKey is probably the most-used keyboard app for android. A.I-based predictions, advanced autocorrect, emoji keyboard, multilingual support, and Swiftkey flow are some of the excellent features that SwiftKey has to offer.


Each and every one of the above-mentioned best android keyboards is thoroughly tested before reviewing here. So, pick one and proceed with the download and installation process so that you can enjoy a seamless typing experience on your android. Some of these android keyboard apps also offer premium versions, where you get extra features, which take your typing game to next level. Download and install one of the keyboard apps and enjoy typing.

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